I’m Normal?!

After the horrible result of my annual girlie exam in April – that’s the exam that started my surgery ordeal – I was not looking forward to my annual mamogram.  But I bit the bullet (so to speak) and scheduled it for last week.  I got the results today and I am more than estatic to report that the radiologist said that I’m normal . . .
Okay, the exact wording was "the results of your recent mamography examination are normal" . . .
That’s probably about as close as I’ll ever get to somebody saying that I’m normal. 
Excuse me while I do a happy dance with Blacky and Luci . . . .
(Yes, Catholic Mom, I was already doing the happy dance when I read your blog about your recent weight loss.  All the more reason to happy dance through the house and yard!)


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3 responses to “I’m Normal?!

  1. Beth

    I just got my mammogram report back this week.  It was normal.  I thank God of behald of us both.

  2. Brenda

    Big \’High Fives\’ to US, Pam!!!  I\’d say we have lots to be happy for right now, so let the happy dancing continue. 🙂  *as I happy dance myself over to my late-night (light) snack*

  3. Linda

    I\’m so happy for you!  I\’ll do a happy dance here in my office while no-one is looking.

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