What To Do First

The reality of being a couch potato for the next week or so is starting to hit me.  I have plenty of time to read, to nap, to watch TV or movies on DVD, work on my cross stitch . . . . all the wonderful things I’ve dreamed about doing when I’m normally running through my life at 100 mph.  If I’m going to be cooped up at home for the next two weeks (I can’t drive until the 30th), at least I’ve got plenty of stuff to keep me occupied. 
The weather here is beautiful.  Sunny and warm – temps in the 70s and 80s.  And it’s going to be this way for a few days.  Hubby cleaned the deck and the deck furniture yesterday.  I can sit out on the deck with my iced tea and my book and enjoy the weather.  
Now I just have to decide what to do first.  


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2 responses to “What To Do First

  1. Shelly

    So happy to hear that everything went well for you.  Well other than those damn hot flashes.   I\’m not quite there yet, but I have an aunt that I\’m very close to and they do hit her pretty hard and outta no where!  Tee hee!!!  I just call em mini Caribbean vacations and you don\’t have to move to go!  Tee hee ha ha   Yeah , she doesn\’t think it\’s funny either!  
    I\’m sure the pups love you being home with them.  Take it easy and enjoy this time!!  Like you said it\’s usually 100mph, so take the turtles pace, and enjoy it all!! 
    Take care!!

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