Home Again

Surgery went just fine on Tuesday . . . even though I was a nervous wreck and myself so upset that I made myself sick to my stomach just before surgery.  Thank heavens for "relaxing" drugs.  Don’t know what they gave me, but by the time I got into the operating room on Tuesday morning, I really didn’t care. 
Everything looked fine.  Doc got everything out and from what he can tell by the looks of the stuff he took out, it should all come back as benign masses.  The mass on my ovary was called a Dermoid Cyst.  I read some stuff my sister found on the internet about it and it seems a little odd but thankfully they’re benign 98% of the time.
Hospital stay was oh so much fun.  Hot flashes and night sweats started Wednesday.  Okay, nobody told me they’d start that fast. Yea, they’re just as much fun as you think they are.  I’m on hormone patches for now and I can imagine how bad the hot flashes would be without them.  I did everything I was told to do.  Walk.  Breathing exercises.  Don’t let the pain get out of control.  I was the model patient.  By Thursday afternoon I was doing laps around my floor on the hospital.  I might have overdone it a bit and ended up sleeping most of the night last night when I got home.
I’m enjoying being a couch potato and being waited on hand and foot.  My baby sister came to spend the day with me today so that Hubby could go to work.  God bless her little heart . . . she cooked chicken and dumplin’s for me, did my laundry, swept the floor, and cleaned the front door glass, back door glass, and the TV screens.  Hubby is waiting on me hand and foot when he’s home – and he’s going to be on vacation all next week.  
I promised Hubby that I wouldn’t be on the computer too long.  I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers this week.  I’m sure they had a lot to do with the great pace of my recovery.  As a favor to me, though, I’d like for you all to remember the families of the kids at Virginia Tech . . . .
Go Hokies!!


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7 responses to “Home Again

  1. Café Manager

    Glad to hear you\’re okay.  Are you sure it\’s hot flashes already?  Do I dare tell you I had a hysterectomy almost three years ago, and to the best of my knowledge nothing has happened yet?  WhOo HOo!

  2. Linda

    I\’m so glad things went well. Now, don\’t be in too big of a hurry to get back to your normal routine.  You\’ll probably not feel 100 percent for a couple of months, but that\’s okay!  When I had mine a neighbor told me that and I thought, "no way is it going to take that long."  But she was right.  It was a gradual thing, but it did take about 2 months. Rest easy and just be thankful for helping hands and modern medicine.  Cheers.

  3. Suzalita

    Pam, Pam ,Pam!!! Holy Cow – I can\’t believe I haven\’t caught up with you until now – so sorry to hear about this unexpected surgery – I will send you all my good thoughts and wishes – I wish you a speedy recovery! Peace!

  4. Brenda

    Hoorah to you, Pam!  It wouldn\’t be right if you weren\’t the \’model patient\’ in your procedure.  I knew you\’d come through unscathed!  You go Girl.  And continue to go enjoying the Royal Treatment, because well, you ABSOLUTELY DESERVE IT. 🙂

  5. Sherry

    Glad you came through just fine. Enjoy your deck and relax and get better!

  6. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    Glad you\’re doing well…. doesn\’t it suck being a woman sometimes… men get off so easy.

  7. Holy Schmidt

    Hope you\’re recovering OK.  Glad that it was a removable cyst…yikes how that can come up so quick.  You\’ll have to be cautious in your recovery though that you don\’t overdo things.  Being waited on is a very good thing…milk it for all it\’s worth – these opportunities don\’t come around in life too often!Cheers!

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