This Isn’t Funny Anymore

Okay, it’s April 5.  It’s officially been spring for a couple of weeks now, right?  So then can someone please explain to me why we are having this blast of winter weather?  At the moment, I’m having a hard time believing Al Gore’s global warming claims. 
We had some snow squalls today that the weather peeps were calling "lake effect snow."  That’s what they call snow that is formed when cold, arctic dry winds move across long expanses of warmer lake water.  Okay, I live at least three hours away from Lake Michigan and Lake Erie and we very rarely get lake effect snow – at least not in APRIL!  It wasn’t a major snow event.  It stuck to the grass and made the roads a little slick but that’s about it.  The slick roads though caused a big problem.  There were crashes everywhere this morning.  I had to take a two hour snow delay . . . not because I was afraid of the snow but all the major highways were closed because of accidents.  Jack-knifed semis, multiple car pileups, cars on their tops, cars into guardrails, exit ramps and bridges too slick to drive on.  I finally got so frustrated at just sitting at home that I figured out a route to get to work that didn’t involve the highway and was all backroads.  A 30 minute commute took almost an hour . . . yea, that was fun.
In my travels this morning I did happen to get a glimpse of the major highway that I normally take to work.  It was a parking lot.  We didn’t have this much trouble when we got that serious snow storm back on Valentine’s Day.  I’m wondering if the 80 degree weather the other day melted the snow memories out of some people’s brains and the forgot how to drive in snow. 
Oh, and the weather forecast for the next few days calls for more of the cold stuff and the possibility of more snow squalls.  You gotta love springtime in Ohio . . . .

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