I’m Still Standing

It’s been a very busy week.  Training my replacement at work . . . for some reason it strikes me a little odd to train a replacement when I don’t know when I’m leaving the current job or even have a replacement job to go to for that matter.  Oh, well, I’m taking it on faith that there’s something wonderful waiting just around the corner.  I just wish that I had a little more idea of what the "something wonderful" was going to be!
Working on getting the office part of Hubby’s fishing rod repair business organized.  For some reason semi-retirement for Hubby has turned into a second full time job for me . . . okay, explain to me how this semi-retirement thing will benefit me?
Beautiful spring weather means that I’m walking Luci every night.  She’s having a grand time exploring the neighborhood and seeing all the friendly faces that have been hiding indoors all winter.  That dog sure loves her adoring public! 
Okay.  Back to work for me.  I’ll update more later. 


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3 responses to “I’m Still Standing

  1. Linda

    Just stopped by to say hi and see what you\’re up to.  My little doggie friend also loves these warmer days and long walks.

  2. Beth

    Hi Pam and Hubby and Luci and Blacky,
    Thank you for stopping by my space and wishing me well!!

  3. Lynn

    Hi! and thank you so much for stopping by the Gingerbread House.  I love big dogs too.   I hope your hubby\’s cold is better and you managed to avoid the germs.  Happy Week!

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