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Tuesday Night Madness

This is the blog that I was going to post on Wednesday before I got severely sidetracked . . . . 
Every other Tuesday my siblings and I – along with the nieces and nephew – trek on over to my folks house for the evening.  We get there between 6:30 and 7:00 and leave about 9 p.m.  (That’s so the nieces and nephew can get ready for school in the morning.)  We visit, watch American Idol, eat cake, the kids play games, the teenage girls try to listen to the "adult" conversations . . . there’s 11 of us in a little 3 bedroom ranch style house.  
  • Since we’re all there, Mom makes some kind of dessert.  God love her, she’s always got something yummy for us to eat when we come to visit.  Ever hear the old saying, "If I’d known you were coming, I’d have baked a cake."  That’s my mom.  
  • Because my youngest niece thinks we need to sing "Happy Birthday" everytime we’re all together, Mom puts two candles in the cake and we sing "Happy Day" to the youngest niece (she’s 5) and my youngest nephew (he’s 7).  "Happy Day" is really "Happy Birthday" with out the word "birth" . . .
  • My brother and my dad usually leave to do the "guy bonding" thing.  They usually go to Target, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart.  They check out the new movies that have been released or just wander aimlessly. 
  • This week, though, Little Brother had a meeting at work and got there late.  He decided to stick around and watch "American Idol" with us.  Then proceeded to tell us that he’s one of the Howard Stern listeners that’s voting for Sanjaya.  Do I need to tell you just how much abuse we gave him for that? 
  • Mom was getting her Easter decorations out.  She has a rather large collection of little houses and figurines for a miniature Easter Village.  It takes over the entire dining room.  My 5 year old niece has to inspect every piece and make sure they are placed properly.  It sometimes takes Mom a week to get the village set up.  
  • My two middle nieces (Big Sister and Little Sister had girls 9 months apart back in 1994-95) were working on the essay they have to submit for their application to join National Junior Honor Society. 
  • My oldest niece showed off her prom dress. 
  • Mom’s dog sat next to me the whole time I was there . . . because she knows I’m a softy and I’ll give her dog cookies!
  • We watched American Idol and tried to explain to my nieces exactly who Peter Noone and Lulu were.  My oldest niece kept calling Peter Noone "Peter No One" . . .

Yea, it’s little noisy, a little hectic, a little crazy.  It’s also the highlight of my week! 



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