Please Make It Stop

Okay, it’s been 41 days since Anna Nicole Smith died.  I am so totally sick and tired of the media coverage that I could just scream!  Yes, it’s tragic that her son died suddenly right after the birth of her daughter.  It’s tragic that she died so young and left that little baby girl without a mommy . . . . and a gaggle of men that want to be her daddy.  But do they really want to be her daddy or do they just want the money the baby will inherit?  Do we need to hear something about this story every single day?  Do we need to know that the boyfriend from California has changed lawyers?  Do we need to know (or care?) that the judge was busted for smoking pot in the park? 
Entertainment Tonight devoted entire shows to this story for the first week after she died and has at least one story a week about her since.  The tabloids all have at least one screaming headline about Anna Nicole and baby Danilynn.  The E! channel has aired the same special Anna Nicole shows every weekend since she died.  I’m surprised they haven’t brought out re-runs of her reality show.  Arrrggghhhh!!!  Enough already.  It’s enough to make me want to pull my hair out. 
The poor woman is dead.  Leave her and her daughter alone and move along.  There’s nothing left to see here.   


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3 responses to “Please Make It Stop

  1. Sherry

    Amen, Pam, \’nuff said!

  2. Emily

    AMEN!! I was actually going to post something along these lines yesterday but you said it perfectly. Let her rest in peace. Enough already.

  3. Brenda

    *having an OJ Simpson flashback*  Who exactly is interested anyway?

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