Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away?

Okay, how can it possibly be Thursday already?  Where in the world did my week go?  Could be a combination of the time change and the wonderful spring weather we’ve had the last couple of days that have made the week so far a big blur?  In any event, here’s a few of the things going on in my world this week . . .
Can someone tell me why it would ever be necessary to tailgate someone inside a parking garage?  This happened to me the other day and it annoyed the heck out of me.  Yes, I know we’re all in a hurry to get home but is it really necessary to push my Dog Mobile down the ramp?  Geeze.
Earlier this week it was sunny and we had temperatures in the 70’s.  Spring weather brought everybody out during the day.  I had a great time sitting on my beloved bench watching people walk by during lunch.  Saw lots of flip flops and lots of shorts.  Saw one thing that I still haven’t quite figured out.  Guy wearing khaki cargo shorts.  You know, the long kind that go to the knee.  But instead of wearing his shorts low on his hips and having his underpants sticking out of the waistband, this guy appeared to have his underpants sticking out of the legs of his shorts.  I didn’t want to get too close to actually figure out what the heck was going on but it was rather odd to see . . .
Since it’s still daylight when I get home from work now, I been taking Luci and Blacky for a walk each night.  I take Luci first because she’s more active and really needs the exercise.  The more exercise she gets, the more of a chance that she’ll sleep through the night.  Blacky doesn’t need a lot of exercise but he gets jealous sometimes that Luci gets all the attention so I’ve started walking him around the block at night too.  I haven’t quite hit the right amount of exercise for Luci needs to sleep through the night and she’s still getting up about 1 or 2 in the morning to outside.  And when Luci’s awake, the whole family is awake.  The downside of this, besides me getting up at 1 in the morning, is that Mommy is very tired after taking both doggies for walks each night and isn’t a happy camper when she has to get up because Luci thinks it’s time to play. 
Hubby has his first fishing rod repair job this week.  He’s so excited he can’t stand himself.  It’s wonderful to see him so excited about something.   
I got my resume updated and have sent it out to a couple of places.  I hadn’t updated my resume since I got this job and was a little (okay very) intimidated by the task.  Once I got it all done and saw what I’ve accomplished in my long secretarial career, I was pretty impressed.  Pleasantly surprised at what 20 years of secretarial experience, 9 years experience as an executive assistant, and 5 years experience as an office manager looks like when you write it all down.  All I need now is to find the right position to benefit from the greatness that is me!
Finally, what would a "random thoughts" entry be without an XM radio comment?  Does anybody remember the song "Harry Truman" by Chicago?  I heard it the other day on the 70’s channel (yes, it’s the one I listen to the most) and I swear I’ve never heard this song before.  Very catchy tune and I’ve been singing it all week.  Even Hubby doesn’t remember it (and he’s a lot older than me!).  He swears I’m making this up.  
Remember earlier when I said it was sunny and 70 degrees this week?  Well that only lasted a couple of days.  It’s now cloudy, rainy, and back in the 30’s.  Oh, and the best part.  There’s a problem with the heating/air conditioning in the building I work in and it’s 80 degrees in my office.  To quote Hubby, "you’re going to get pneumonia." 
As if I don’t have enough stress in my life already . . .


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4 responses to “Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away?

  1. Brenda

    Loved "Guy with khaki cargo shorts".  What is UP with that underwear thing?  I don\’t get it, whether it\’s sticking out the top of bottom.  It\’s just plain wierd.
    Harry Truman?  Nope, I don\’t think I\’ve heard of that song.  I\’ll check iTunes for a preview and see if it rings a bell.

  2. Suzalita

    Stopping by to say high – I can\’t remember "Harry Truman" by Chicago – I\’ll have to look it up – becasue I am such a 70\’s girl and a classic rock girl…is it one of those songs that has a title that doesn\’t match the song? Like Bubba O\’Riley [Teenage wasteland]?  You\’ve piqued my curiosity so I\’ll have to check it out now! Have a great week.

  3. Emily

    I\’m glad you like the fairytale :0). I haven\’t decided yet if it sounds like a good choice or not. I guess only time will tell. Haha.
    I hear you about the weird weather. I was so excited to be able to wear flip flops and then I go outside yesterday evening and it had gone from 70\’s to 40 in the matter of like 2 hours. Spring always throws me for a loop. I love the flowers and the warmth but I could do without the random weather and the constant rain and the allergies. We have relatives visiting right now from Canada and they were "burning up" in the 70 degree days. My dad has a thermometer that reads the indoor and outdoor temps that I frequently check. I looked up yesterday and it said it was 3 degrees outside!! Oh…someone switched it from Fahrenheit to Celcius. Hmm…wonder who did that 😉

  4. Beth

    I hope you find a really great job!!  Good luck!

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