Information That Would Have Been Useful Yesterday

Hubby and I did some soul searching and some financial hoop-jumping and we figured out a way for him to semi-retire and not go bankrupt.  He’s going to start working 32 hours a week with his current employer (at his current pay rate!) starting on June 11.  Okay, so we’ll lose the health coverage offered by his employer but I discovered an fairly affordable AARP private health insurance plan that would give us about the same coverage that we have now.   After Hubby called to tell me that his boss signed off on the going part-time deal, I started to realize that it was going to be okay and that I can start breathing again.  Actually, I started doing cartwheels (in my mind) when Hubby told me that he was going to keep the same rate of pay because I had horrible fears of Hubby having to take a minimum wage job and that would put a big pinch on the family financial picture. 
I’m zipping along through my daily duties with the happy thought that Hubby is able to realize his dream of semi-retirement and will be able to devote a significant amount of time to his new found hobby (and possible business) of fishing rod repair.  That’s what drove Hubby’s decision to try semi-retirement.  He’s always been an avid fisherman and has often wondered how hard it would be to learn to fix fishing poles.  Our local community college offered a class in fishing rod repair and building during the winter quarter and Hubby jumped at the chance to attend.  He loved the class and has a real talent for fixing fishing poles and decided that he wanted to see if he could make any money fixing fishing poles.  So, I’m zipping along, without a care in the world (okay, a few less cares than I had when I got up but still) when the boss and I have our weekly "office management" meeting.  We discuss payables, his upcoming schedule, and some other general office topics that need to be addressed.  At the end of the meeting he has a "oh by the way" comment and wants to talk to me about Hubby’s plans for semi-retirement and has some information he wants to talk to me about before we make any major decisions.  Boss then lets me know that he’s been having serious doubts about the future of the workload in the office and he might have to eliminate my postion in the next six months or so if business doesn’t pick up.  Oh. Crap.  I’ve just made a decision to give up Hubby’s company sponsored health plan and go with an expensive but affordable on my current salary private plan and now  you tell me that my current salary might be disappearing in the next six months? 
At this point my brain is racing so fast that I can’t decide if I want to cry, throw up, or pass out.  Hubby keeps telling me that things are going to work out the way they are supposed to, but I just wish that I could flip ahead a few pages and find out for sure.  We decided that I need to find a job with benefits and some long-term security.  So now I have to add a job search to my list of things to do. 


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2 responses to “Information That Would Have Been Useful Yesterday

  1. Brenda

    Gosh darn it.  People need to consult with you FIRST before making these big decisions. *gggrrr*  There is a silver lining here, I can sense it. 

  2. Beth

    I am so sorry for the worry that you are going through now.  Just remember, I have read that 99% of the things that we worry about never come to pass.  I worry about every little thing and usually nothing comes of it.

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