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Where To Start?

I’ve got a few things running through my head this week that’s making it hard for me to concentrate on a decent blog entry.  I’m sure that any one of them would be a great blog all by themselves, but I can’t seem to sort them out enough to write something that will make sense.  So I figure if I just write them down that will get them out of my head and hopefully they will stop driving me crazy.
Thing #1 – My MIL and Medicare Part D drug coverage.  My MIL is freaking out about how much her insurance is going to increase in 2008 (yes, that’s 8 months from now!) and I’ve been researching health insurance and drug coverage options for her.  There are several health care options that would be cheaper, but the only option I’ve been able to find so far for the drug coverage is Medicare Part D.  The Medicare Part D that includes a big gaping donut hole where she’ll have to pay for $1400 out of pocket for her drugs.  She’s on some serious heart meds that don’t have a generic equivalent (and MIL has no faith in generics) so I’m comparing different drug plans, gathering information about the cost of her current plan, and generally finding out that health care options for senior citizens stink.  Oh, yea, and MIL is one of those "glass half empty" kind of people who are never happy with what they have and thinks that the world is out to take advantage of her. 
Thing #2 – Hubby has decided that he’s ready to seriously think about early retirement.  He’s 54.  My original plan had him retiring at age 62.  That would have all the major bills paid off (house, car), we’d have a nice cushion in savings, he could draw from his IRA & 401(k), and he could work a part-time job.  He doesn’t want to wait.  He wants to do this now.  Within the next year.  I have to figure out if I can afford to this now.  Oh, did I mention that Hubby is the one that carries health insurance for us?  Yea, I gotta find an affordable health insurance plan (with drug coverage) for us.  Aaarrgghhhh . . . .
Thing #3 – In the grand scheme of things, this next thing doesn’t seem all that bad but it’s still something that’s bothering me.  They’re tearing down my old elementary school.  The school is just up the hill from the house where I grew up (and where Mom and Dad still live).  My Mom and Dad watched them build the school shortly after they moved into the area back in 1961.  My sisters, brother, and I all went to this school.  With the exception of my youngest niece, all my nieces and nephews attended this building.  It’s just full of memories – field days, festivals, when the circus came to town, sledding down the hill.  They built a new building and the kids started in the new building right after Christmas break.  I knew it was just a matter of time before they tore down the old building.  It still wasn’t easy to hear when Mom told me Tuesday night that they had started the demolition.  Like the glutton for punishment that I am, I had to drive by the old school to say good-bye one last time.  It ripped my heart out to see the big bulldozer and the debris sitting where the gym/lunchroom used to be.  I can’t imagine how sad it’s going to be when the building is totally gone. 
Add to this all the normal day to day stuff of work, domestic goddess duties, taking care of the doggies and I’m one busy lady these days. 


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