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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

That’s a perfect description of yesterday. It was the kind of day where you want to holler at the boss, kick the computer, and just go home early.  The kind of day where you take two steps forward on one project and three steps back on a different project.  The kind of day where you want to go home, snuggle with Hubby and the dogs and eat Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies until you spoil your dinner. 
The boss kept coming out of his office very three minutes with a new project, letter, document that he needed me to handle. 
The computer guy called for the conference call with me and the boss to schedule some work that needs to be done to fix the slow performance problem with the boss’ computer. 
I got a shipment from a vendor that I didn’t order and don’t want and discovered that I would have to pay shipping to send it back to them. 
I tried to fix a mistake that the office manager in our other office made last month when entering something into the accounting software and discovered it wasn’t as easy a fix as I thought it would be.  That’s when I decided to let her fix it herself.  Chances are I’ll still be looking at this error six months from now. 
The printer decided that it didn’t want to print while I was trying to get all the letters that the boss had given me.  When it started printing again it would print one line of gobbledygook on a page . . . for over 60 pages.
I’ve been waiting for two days for the phone company to fix a problem with the fax line – which also happens to be my office DSL line.  They decided to shut down the line for repairs in the middle of the printer fiasco.   
All of this happened between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.  I ended up with a brain freeze where I couldn’t process any more information and I couldn’t remember all the things that needed to be done.  What I really wanted to do was to smack the printer, throw the fax machine across the room, and run screaming from the office.  What I did was eat some Chips Ahoy cookies, drink a Coke, mutter under my breath and count the minutes until I could go home. 
When I got home I was greeted by two adorable faces that were happy to see me.  I played fetch in the yard with them – and managed not to slip on the huge patches of ice still in the back yard.  I watched Luci scoot down the hill in the back yard on her back.  She was trying to do a snow angel and her wiggling sent her head first down the hill.  Blacky was smart enough to stay on the deck and watch her  . . . . while I was doubled over laughing hysterically at her. 
After that we went inside and watched TV until Hubby got home from his night class.  Had a quick supper.  Watched American Idol.  Discovered that I’m not as smart as a 5th grader and then went to bed hoping and praying that tomorrow (today) would be a better day. 
Today is better.  The sun is shining.  It’s supposed to be 50 degrees outside today.  Best part of all . . . boss won’t be here until about 11 a.m.  I’m enjoying some peace and quiet and a cup of hot chocolate before the craziness starts again. 


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