He’s Got Issues

I’ve been trying all week to write a blog entry about Blacky and his trip to the vet last weekend.  I know what I want to say, but I’m having a serious case of writers block on this subject.  This is my third attempt at writing this entry.  I can’t figure out why I’m having so much trouble . . . so please bear with me. 
First of all, Blacky’s fine.  There wasn’t anything seriously wrong with him.  No infection.  He didn’t eat anything that didn’t agree with him.  No parasites.  No obstructions or tumors.  The vet called it "stress colitis" . . . which is fancy talk for something in his life has stressed him out to the point that it caused him to have runny poo. 
What could be causing my boy dog so much stress to give him runny poo?  Believe it or not, it was the large quantity of snow that we got during that major storm last week.  We got 8 inches of snow mixed with an inch of ice.  As you may already know, Blacky has hip dysplasia and arthritis in his back legs and has had it for about 6 years now.  He gets around okay 99.9% of the time but doesn’t really have much muscle tone in his back legs anymore.  The lack of muscle tone is what makes it difficult for him to get around in the deep snow . . . and what caused him so much stress.  He was a little tentative and cautious when he was out in the yard and he wasn’t able to get comfortable enough to do his business.  Add a rambunctious little sister that just wants to play and you can see why the poor boy was stressed.  We haven’t had this much snow in a couple of years – and a couple of years ago his muscle tone was a lot better.  He used to love to run and romp in the snow.  I think he was very surprised that he couldn’t do that anymore. 
The vet gave me some meds and some special "bland" food to help soothe his irritated system (which he hates).  She told me that he’d be back to his normal self in a couple of days.  She was right.  The poo problem was gone after a couple of days on the meds.  The weather has turned a little warmer and the snow is starting to melt in the back yard which makes it easier for him to get around in the back yard.  I just have to make sure that when (or if) we ever get that much snow that Hubby and I shovel out a special spot for him to go potty.  Hubby will love it . . . yet another reason to get out the snow blower! 
I’ve always known that Blacky’s hip problems were going to age him a little faster than normal.  I just wasn’t expecting to start thinking about these things when he’s only 8 years old. 

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