The Big Thaw

The temperatures are above freezing for the first time in weeks!  The snow is melting.  The back yard is going to be a swamp, but I promise I won’t complain this time.  Luci is having a wonderful time finding the tennis balls that were buried under all the snow.    
I’ve stopped wearing two pairs of socks every day and have started wearing my lighter sweaters.  I don’t feel like I have to wear 20 pounds of clothes just to keep warm.  I’m still wearing my long johns, though, and will continue to do that until probably April. 
The Dog Mobile is also thawing out, too.  Even though she started up on the first try every day, this latest stretch of extremely cold weather was pretty hard on her.  I never realized how badly the weather had affected my little Dog Mobile until today.  There have been some strange things going on that Hubby and Repair Guy have told me are caused by the weather.  The electric door locks will lock by themselves . . . usually when I’m warming up the car to come to work.  (That’s why I always carry a spare key!).  Hubby didn’t believe that I wasn’t accidently hitting the lock when I got out of the car . . . until it happened to him!  The "check oil" light will come on and then go off at odd times.  We check the oil and the oil level is fine – and I just had the oil changed a month ago, so I know it’s not dirty.  Repair Guy said that the extreme cold will affect the oil sending unit and make it come on even if there is nothing wrong with the car.  The left turn signal was flashing in double time – but the right turn signal and the hazard lights are fine.  Water had apparently gotten into the flasher and then froze.  Once the flasher thawed out, it started working normally.  For now, all the little quirks have stopped . . . .
Spring is about a month away and I’m counting the days.  You know it’s been a long winter when you and your car get excited about the warmer weather!  


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3 responses to “The Big Thaw

  1. Jane

    Sounds like your weather has really \’gone to the dogs\’.  😉
    I, too, have phantom door locks on my car.  Nothing like getting locked out of your car while you\’re scraping it off – house key\’s in the car and extra car key is in the house.  pfftht!  Winter – nothing but trouble!

  2. Nadine

     One of my hubby\’s patrol cars the same problem….wiring shorts or bad sensors, I can\’t remember which. He just ignored it when the check engine light came on it happened so much.
     I am doing good!! Thanks for your concern! I am not sure why you could leave a message…hhhmmm…
     I keep hoping that the sun will stay shining and thaw things out!! I am ready to pack up the sweaters. But they are predicting thunderstorms for the weekend and the old folks say there will be one more ice storm before winter is gone for good. Woo Hoo??
    Take care!! I added my email address for the future if you have problems…..just mouse over my name and it will pop up at the bottom.

  3. Lindsey

    I\’m SOOO excited for spring. And though I know spring will only bring rain and mud…I will be thankful, and try not to complain. Too much! 😉

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