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Facing My Fears

You might already know that one of my big fears is driving in snow.  I’ve lived in Ohio all my life, so driving in the snow should be no big deal for me.  I’ve always been very fortunate to have dependable cars that get me through the snow without any problems but I’m still scared that I’m going to slide off the road or get stuck in the snow somewhere.  I’m also very afraid that somebody is going to be driving too fast and crash into me or have a crash in front of me that I’ll have to swerve to avoid – and then I’ll be stuck in the snow. 
Another one of my fears is having a car wreck when I have the doggies in the car.  It might just be my imagination, but seems like there are more instances of somebody pulling out in front of me suddenly, stopping suddenly, or otherwise doing something stupid when I have one or both of the dogs in the car with me.  Ever since I’ve owned a dog, I have a recurring nightmare of being in a car wreck where one of the dogs is seriously injured.  Maybe it’s not so much a fear . . . but I’m certainly more cautious (and more than a little nervous) when I have Blacky and Luci in the car with me.   
Today I had to face both of those fears at the same time.  We got a couple inches of snow Saturday morning and I needed to take Blacky to the vet.  I seriously considered not going, but I really needed to get a refill of his arthritis meds and Blacky was having an episode of the runny poo that needed to be checked out.  Our vet is about 20 minutes away from the house and the road to the vet is in a rural part of the county.  It’s usually one of the first ones that they clear, but I still get nervous when I have to drive on it during the winter.  Hubby did everything he could to boost my confidence and tell me that I wouldn’t have any problems.  Ultimately, it was my "mommy instincts" that kicked in and made me go.  My boy needed me and I wasn’t about to let him down.  Once I got out on the roads, they were a little snow covered but I could tell that the plows had been out and that it might not be as bad as I feared.  I kept repeating to myself the whole way down that I had to do it for Blacky.  
We got to the vet’s office without any problems.  We got Blacky checked out and he’s going to be fine.  (That’s a story for another day.)  By the time we got on the road to come home, the sun had come out and was melting some of the snow on the roads.  The drive home was actually less scary than the trip to the vet. 
I am proud of myself for facing my fear yesterday.  But I didn’t do it alone.  I have to thank Blacky for giving me the courage to even get out and try. 


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