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I Gotta Clean What?

Did I ever mention that the Dog Mobile is the fancy schmancy version of the 2003 Ford Focus wagon?  It has the fancy tinted windows, the fancy sporty luggage rack, the cool stereo with CD player, and the fancy wheels.  Fancy open wheels that you can look right through and see the brakes. 
Hubby and I spent the day on Wednesday digging out the Dog Mobile and His Truck.  Made sure they both started.  The Dog Mobile had snow half way up the tires.  When I first looked at it I thought it was going to take us forever to get it out of the snow bank.  With Hubby’s snow blower and a little bit of muscle on my part with a shovel, it didn’t take too long before we had the Dog Mobile ready to go.  It started up on the first try.  I cranked on the heat to melt some of the snow on the windows and on top of the car.  Let it run for a while to make sure that everything was nice and warmed up and would be ready for me to drive to work on Thursday morning. 
Thursday morning everything seemed fine.  Dog Mobile started right up.  Heater cranked up to knock off the ice that formed overnight.  Off I went to work.  Everything was fine until I hit the highway.  That’s when the car started shaking like I had a flat tire.  I stopped to check the tires and they were all fine.  Got back in the car and drove some more.  Still shaking.  Curse and swear.  Curse and swear.  I drove the car to Hubby’s work so I could tell him about the problem and see what we needed to do to get the car fixed.  He called Repair Guy to tell him about the problem and Repair Guy laughed and asked one question.  "Does she have snow in her wheels?"  "Uh, yea, I do"  "The snow is causing the tires to be out of balance and that’s making the car shake.  Get rid of the snow and the shaking will stop."  Hubby and I looked at each other and had a "D’Oh" moment.  We raced out to the car to clear out the tires.  After seeing all the snow packed into the tires – especially the rear tires – I can understand why the car was shaking like that.  After we cleaned out the tires I took off again for my 30 minute drive to work.  Sure enough, that was the problem.  Not one single shake all the way to work. 
Now write this down and don’t forget it. . . . snow packed into your fancy open wheels will take the tires out of balance.  After a major snow storm, you have to clean your wheels or you’ll shake your teeth right out of your head.  You better believe it’s one life lesson I’ll never forget. 


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