Where’s Nadine?

Has anybody heard from Nadine/Velvet Tush at All Along The Hightower.  I’ve been trying to visit her space all week and I’m getting the "private or non existent" message.  Please tell me that Nadine hasn’t stopped blogging?!  Whatever will I do without my visits to Nadine’s space?  Sniff.  Sniff.  Sob.  Sob.  Whhhaaaaa . . .
Okay.  I’ve blown my nose and I’ll be a big girl now.  I had a snow day yesterday.  It was wonderful.  Unfortunately I’m paying for it today because I’m drowning in paper.  Geeze, can’t a girl get a day off without all this stuff piling up on my desk. 
I’ll update ya’ll later on my wonderful day with the puppies . . .
Right now I have to feed more paper into the fax machine monster. 


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3 responses to “Where’s Nadine?

  1. Beth

    Hi to Pam and Hubby and Blacky and Lucy.  Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Brenda

    Not a clue about Nadine, although I did notice that her profile image changed recently.  (Saw that on a comment she posted on another blogger\’s site.)  I hope she\’s not gone…? :\'(  Meanwhile, I hope you\’re enjoying the snow with the doggies.  Have a great (paperless?) weekend!

  3. Suzalita

    Hi Pam – I always feel so sad when one of my blogging buddies "goes away" I develop such fun connections with everyone…congrats on the snow day – we haven\’t had one here yet – it\’s been a very mild winter for us…they are predicting snow for Tuesday thowever…we\’ll see what happens!

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