Daily Archives: February 6, 2007

Snow Day

Yippee!!  I finally got my snow day.  Right now it’s only a half a snow day but I’m not complaining.  The weather geeks were calling for a significant snow to start sometime this afternoon and we were supposed to get between 2 and 4 inches of snow.  Yea, right.  They’ve been wrong before so I wasn’t all that concerned but I was prepared to leave work early if it really did start snowing.  Sure enough, it started snowing about 1 p.m.  And it was sticking to the roads and they were going calling for heavy snow warnings.  Okay, time for me to head home.  I cleared it with the boss and left work about 2:30 this afternoon.  The city streets weren’t plowed, but the highways weren’t too bad.  Took me about an hour to make the trip home – I was only going between 45 and 50 mph.  
The doggies were happy that I was home early and they were really happy when I opened the back door and they saw the snow on the ground.  I cleaned off the deck so they could go down the back stairs without falling and then we played in the snow for about a half hour.  That’s about all the longer I could stand the cold.  They went out a couple more times after I came in.  Right now they are taking a nap and I’m snuggled on the couch with a cup of hot tea.  I’m sure they’ll be up here in a little bit and we’ll have to go back outside.  
There are a few things that I should probably be doing.  Like laundry.  Or maybe doing some housework.  But a snow day – even a half a snow day – is a rare thing and I’m going to take full advantage of it. 
Looks like I’m going outside again.  Luci’s up from her nap and she’s nudging my elbow . . .


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