Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

For a change, the weather geeks were right.  We got between 3 and 4 inches of snow yesterday.  It was just starting when I got up with the doggies at 6:30 yesterday morning.  They were the really fine little flakes that you don’t think are going to amount to much of anything, so I didn’t get too excited about it and went back to bed.  Imagine my surprise when those fine little flakes stopped four hours later and we had some real snow. 
It was just enough to give Hubby a snow day from his Sunday bowling league.  Unfortunately, he didn’t find out about it until after we had shoveled the sidewalk and cleaned off his truck.  At least that was one less thing we had to do this morning before we left for work.  So we snuggled on the couch, watched TV, read the paper, and waited for the football games to start.  Okay, Hubby sat on the couch all day and watched TV. . . in addition to my TV watching/couch snuggling, I did the laundry and went outside to play in the snow with the doggies. 
As happy as I was to finally see some snow, the dogs were 100 times more excited to see the snow.  We got up for the day about 8 a.m.  By that time we had about a couple of inches on the ground.  Blacky jumped off those deck stairs like he was a little puppy.  He was the first one to find a tennis ball and proceeded to run up and down the yard – with Luci right behind him.  Luci wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the stuff on the ground.  The last real snowfall we had was last year about this time and she was only 4 months old then.  She couldn’t decide what to do first – chase Blacky, eat the snow off the deck, dig for a tennis ball, or catch the snowflakes as they fell.  She tried to do all three at once and ended up running around in circles for about five minutes.  This went on every time they went outside yesterday. 
So, I’m a happy girl.  I got the snow that I’ve been waiting for.  It came on a Sunday so I didn’t have to worry about driving to or from work in it.  The roads were clear in time for me to drive to work this morning.  And the best part is . . . I got to spend quality time with both Hubby and the dogs. 
If it hadn’t been for all that darn laundry I had to do yesterday, it would have been a perfect day. . . .


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2 responses to “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

  1. Linda

    I think you either have to have dogs or children with you to really enjoy a good snowfall.  I\’m glad you were there to enjoy their enthusiasm.  Cheers.

  2. Brenda

    Thank goodness the weather geeks were finally right.  We woke up to snowfall on Sunday morning, and I can\’t keep the kids (or the Hubs) away from the sleds.  All the while, I\’ve been enjoying hot espresso from the window.  (Taking pictures, of course. 🙂 )
    Cheers to snow!

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