Who’s That Girl?

Last night was the big event.  I finally got the highlights/lowlights done.  And Hubby is thrilled with how it turned out.  When I walked in the door last night, his face lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning.  The first words he said to me were, "Wow.  You look so much younger!"  Okay, probably not the best thing to say but I was happy that he liked how my hair turned out.  Since this is something I’m doing for him, it was important to me that he like the results.  He even followed me into the kitchen so that he could get a better look. 
And how do I feel about it?  I’ll be honest and say that it’s gonna take some getting used to.  I’ve spent my whole life as a blonde so it’s strange to look in the mirror and see brown hair instead of the blonde/gray mix that was there yesterday.  I love the color. It’s beautiful.  Nice light brown with a little mixture of gray and golden brown highlights.  It’s just a little strange to see my face in the mirror with that color of hair on my head. 
Overall, I think it’s pretty cool.  Don’t tell Hubby, but I’m kind of glad that he pushed so hard for me to do this. 

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  1. Suzalita

    I\’m sure it looks beautiful! I love having my hair done – I get highlights about every 5 mos or so – highlighting my natural color [and hopefully hiding the grey!!]

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