What Happened?

Hubby and I like college football.  I think I may have mentioned before there are three college teams that we follow all season.  Navy.  Virginia Tech.  Ohio State. 
We were very happy to learn that all three teams would be playing in bowl games this year.  And all the games would be televised in our area.  Yippee!! 
Well that happiness sure didn’t last long.  Our teams ended up 0 for 3 in the post-season. 
Navy lost to Boston College.  I watched the Navy – Boston College game and was shocked that Boston College managed to beat Navy by one point.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t a good day at our house and leave it at that.
Virginia Tech lost to Georgia.  I kind of understand what happened with the Virginia Tech – Georgia game.  Virginia Tech is a good team but, honestly, Georgia is better.  I seriously expected Georgia to win and wasn’t surprised when they did. 
Ohio State lost to Florida.  Can someone please explain this one to me?  I have no idea what happened to Ohio State.  They started the season #1 and beat everybody.  Including Michigan.  Especially Michigan!  They were seven point favorites going into Monday night’s game.  When Ohio State scored their first touchdown in the first 16 seconds of the game, I thought for sure that Florida was in for a serious butt-kickin’.  Heck even Blacky and Luci were excited about it. . . but that might have something to do with Mommy acting like an idiot in the kitchen while she was watching the game.  But that was the only Buckeye highlight of the game.  The Buckeye team I love and watched and rooted for all season wasn’t there Monday night.  It looked like them, but they sure didn’t play like them.  It was so bad that I fell asleep in the second quarter and then went to bed at halftime.  When I turned on the news Tuesday morning, I wasn’t shocked that OSU lost, just that they lost by so much.  The final score was 41 to 14 in favor of Florida. 
Here it is two days later and I’m still stunned.  And I’ve read just about every article I can find on the internet about the game.  Nobody seems to understand what happened to Ohio State.  
Sure hope they figure it out in time for next season . . .


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3 responses to “What Happened?

  1. Brenda

    Ohio State got robbed this year.  Completely robbed.  Like you, I don\’t care for how the college football season ended in the bowl game department. *sigh*  Let\’s pray for a better year next year.

  2. Beth

    I think the same thing must have happened to them that happened to Illinois this year.  Our football team has been pathetic.

  3. Café Manager

    I use to watch TN college football.  But when I had to start working weekends, I didn\’t get to watch as much and began to miss out.  As a TN fan, I\’m usually an SEC fan.  But I\’d have been tickled if OSU had beat FL.  I HATE FL.  Freakin\’ Gators.  I hate going to The Swamp, and I hate that thing they do like they\’re a bunch of gators chomping on you.  **EEKKK!**
    I just looked at your list of characters.  You made me sad for a minute.  I had a Christine (cat) who crossed over Rainbow Bridge back in August.  She was only 6.  She was in chronic kidney failure.  I was so, so sad.  I love my kitties.  With her passing, I had three.  Back in October, I got \’Gus\’.  So I\’m back to four.  Five if you count \’Gato\’ who has adopted my front porch as his home……….
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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