The Things We Do For Love Part 2

There was a little change of plans and I didn’t get the highlights done today.  Not that I didn’t want to.  Not that I didn’t plan to.  I was actually in the chair getting a haircut when God let me know that He had a different idea of how I should spend the day today.  
I made it to the beauty shop.  Talked my hairdresser about the particular shade of brown that we should use for the lowlights.  She even got started on my haircut.  About that time my cell phone rang.  It was my MIL.  She was having pain in her left arm and some pain in her chest.  MIL has a serious history of heart problems (heart attack, triple bypass, congestive heart failure, pacemaker).  I told her that I was in the middle of getting my hair cut and that she needed to call the ambulance immediately and get herself to the hospital.  She didn’t want to cause a fuss by calling the ambulance (WTF!?) so she was going to ask her next door neighbor to take her.  I told her to do it now and that I would meet her at the hospital as soon as I got done with my haircut.  I got to the hospital about the same time that they did. 
(By the way . . . .she didn’t call Hubby because he was at work and she didn’t want to "bother" him.  I called Hubby as soon as I got off the phone with MIL and told him what was going on.  He wanted to go to the hospital, too, but I told him that I would go to the hospital and let him know if I needed him at the hospital.) 
As soon as I got off the phone, I told my hairdresser to finish the haircut, but that I’d have to reschedule the color for another day.  I was afraid that MIL was going to the ER and I had to leave.  
I got to the hospital and I swear I’ve never seen MIL look so frail.  The poor thing was dizzy, nauseous, had a horrible headache and tingling in her arms and legs.  With her medical history, I was scared to death that they were going to tell me it was another heart attack or possibly a stroke.  Imagine my surprise when the ER doc told us that he thought it might be something as simple as an inner ear infection causing the problems.  You could hear the relief in Hubby’s voice when I called to tell him what the problem was and that he didn’t need to rush to the hospital.  
They did every test imaginable including a CAT scan and a chest xray.  The good news is that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her heart.  It wasn’t a stroke.  Turns out that MIL has a disk in her neck that’s pinching a nerve and the pinched nerve is causing all the problems.  The tingling in the arms and legs.  The horrible headache.  The pinched nerve is also causing inner ear problems which explains the dizziness and the nausea.  They gave her shots to help with the pain, the nausea, and some Atavan to help calm her down. 
Unfortunately, the trip to the ER took up most of my day.  But it was an interesting day.  I learned alot about osteoporosis and how it can affect all parts of the body.  MIL’s disk problem is mostly caused by osteoporosis and arthritis in her spine.  I had to help the nurse explain to my 72 year old MIL that the steroids that the doctor has prescribed aren’t the kind of steroids that the baseball players are taking but something that is actually good for her.  I had to help explain to MIL what Atavan was and how it would help with the pain she was having.  I also had to keep from getting teary-eyed when I saw MIL waiting outside the hospital ER doors when I brought the car around to take her home.  They had given her a neck brace thing to wear to help with the pain in her neck.  She just seemed so little and frail with that thing on.  I kept thinking, when did she turn into a little old lady?  
Thankfully they didn’t need to keep her overnight for observation or anything.  She’s home tonight sleeping in her own bed with her little dog to keep her company.  She didn’t want anyone to stay with her because we just get in the way.  Her wonderful neighbors told me they’d check in on her and call us if anything happened.    
She apologized for messing up my hair appointment and promised not to call during my appointment next week.  So I’ll try again for the hair color next week.  Gotta do something to cover the new gray hairs that popped out today.

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  1. Vonda

    Happy to hear that all went well with MIL! Good lordy girl! what a day?! I bet you were exhausted…Best of luck to you and your family. I just know your hair will be as beautiful as you are. Bless you for your patience!

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