The Best Christmas Present Ever

Or at least it’s in the top 5.  The XM radio that Hubby bought for me is just the coolest thing EVER. 
It seems like there isn’t much of a variety of things to listen to on the local radio stations anymore.  Almost every station is owned by the same National Mega Company and they all play the same stuff.  The country stations play all the same songs.  The MIXX stations all play the same songs.  There are times when you can switch stations and hear the same song on two or three stations.  One of my favorite classic oldies stations switched to Talk Radio shortly before Christmas.  Hubby has had his XM radio for a while now and I listen to it whenever I get to drive his truck.  I wanted one of my very own so I told Hubby that’s what he could get me for Christmas.  Bless his heart, he did!  It’s so wonderful to have a variety of things to listen to.  Comedy.  60’s.  70’s.  Disco.  Showtunes.  Classic country.  Stuff that I haven’t heard on the radio in years.  They even have a channel just for One Hit Wonders.  Easy Listening – not something you should listen to while driving.  And no commercials! 
I’m listening to all kinds of wonderful stuff and having flashbacks to my childhood, my teen years, my college days.  The worst part of my day used to be the drive to and from work – it takes me about 30 minutes each way.  I’m so happy with this radio that I don’t dread the drive to work or the drive home anymore.  Course, that’s probably gonna change when/if we get some icky winter weather.
I heard "Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold today.  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I heard that one. 
Leif Garrett . . . I heard "Runaround Sue" by Leif Garrett on my way to work this morning.  I squealed like a teenybopper and then sang every word.  If you don’t know who he is do a Google search.  Don’t let the current pictures fool you. . . . trust me, he was hot when I was in Junior High.  Do they even publish Tiger Beat magazine anymore?  Yes, I really am that old. 
Does anybody remember Pablo Cruise?  They used to be a big favorite of mine.  I think I still have one of their albums.  (Yes, I still have my albums).  I haven’t heard them on the radio in ages.  I heard them today. 
For years, Hubby has been singing a song around the house that I could have sworn was one of his made up songs.  The song is called "Basketball Jones" – it’s a real song that was actually recorded by Cheech and Chong.  I heard it yesterday while I was at work.  I choked on my Oreos and then had to call Hubby to let him know that I finally realized what it was that he has singing all these years. 
When you subscribe to XM radio, you can listen online for free.  I’m so hooked on this stuff that I’m now listening to it while I’m at work.  Talk about an enjoyable work environment. 

I’m a very happy girl.

In case you’re wondering . . . the other gifts in the Top 5 Best Ever Gifts include Luci (last year), my engagement ring (1982), a pillow with Goldie’s picture on it (2004), and my Joe Montana jersey (2002).  Blacky was the best Mother’s Day Present Ever.   


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2 responses to “The Best Christmas Present Ever

  1. Vonda

    What a hoot!!! I rememeber all those things from jr.high too. Donnie Osmond was my heart throb!! That XM radio sounds too cool…I love music…but you are correct in saying that the local stations have all become cookie cutters…playing the same songs over and over and over…I just turn the darn thing off in the car or listen to CD\’s. I think I will hint around for a XM radio for Mom\’s Day! You sound like me kinds girl…fun, fun, fun and a doggie lover!! have a great weekend!

  2. Cindy

    Hi There!  Just hopping over from Beth Marie\’s space. I was lured by the word "sauerkraut".  I must say, I kinda like the stuff too.  The smell isn\’t exactly pleasant, but let it cook long enough with a nice pork roast and it can\’t be beat!
    Sounds like you hit the jackpot with your XM radio.  We get some of the stations on our satellite TV and it\’s a nice mix.  The radio commercials are just about as annoying as the ones on TV.
    Give Blackie a pat on the head from me…Cindy

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