The Sound I Love Most

Blacky and Luci got me up at 2:45 a.m. because they had to go potty.  I’m not usually a happy camper when I have to get up in the middle of the night to let them out – especially when it’s 30 something degrees outside – because they insist on having me actually go outside with them and walk around in the yard while they do their business.  It was cold.  I was tired.  I was grumpy because I was up at 2:45 a.m.  They were good little doggies, did their business, came back inside without me having to chase Luci around the yard, and went back to sleep rather quickly.
I wasn’t able to go right back to sleep.  Lucky for me because I got to listen to the sound that I love most in the world.  The sound of Hubby and the doggies snoring.  I can’t explain why I love to listen to them snore, but it’s a very comforting sound for me.  Mainly it was Hubby and Luci snoring.  Blacky doesn’t snore much, but he does make a lot of noise when he’s getting settled into his sleeping spot.  Luci snores almost as loud as Hubby. 
So there I was.  Snug in my warm bed.  Hubby to my left.  Blacky asleep on the floor to my right.  Luci snuggled in the doggie bed at the foot of the bed.  Listening to the sounds of their snoring.  Life is good . . .


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4 responses to “The Sound I Love Most

  1. Vonda

    You\’ve just described my heaven…I love to lay awake and listen to husband/children/pup snore and watch them sleep so peacefully. In referance to the blog about getting older…I don\’t seem to sleep as much as I used to…so i spend a lot of nights just watching & listeening to my little family! Be Blesses!!

  2. Linda

    Ah snoring.  The sound of love.  Or the sound of "I\’m going to hit you over the head if you don\’t stop!"  Actually I don\’t mind the snoring as long as the bed doesn\’t vibrate. :~) You are lucky to be able to enjoy it. 

  3. Emily

    How sweet! I can\’t say that I have a sound that I love but I\’m glad someone likes snoring. I will donate my boyfriend to you :). It\’s funny because when he snores I can\’t fall asleep but he says that when I snore, he thinks it\’s cute and he watches me. It\’s all relative, I guess.
    Merry almost Christmas!

  4. Lita

    My 3 chihuahuas sleep on the bed with us (me and my husband). Peanut, the boy–a whopping 15 lbs chihuahua, sleeps in between us. And he likes to put his head on our pillows too. Oh and he snores.
    My two big dogs (black lab mix) sleep in their own bed in our bedroom. Sometimes, they want to sleep on the bed but then Peanut gets jealous. I think we need a bigger bed.

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