Stop The Madness

Please somebody make it stop.  Why are they messing with my wonderful childhood memories and making live action versions of cartoons?  First it was that horrible live action version of The Cat In The Hat.  Even though I love Mike Myers it just was plain creepy to watch this movie.  Then they did Grinch with Jim Carey.  Aaarrgghhh!  What were they thinking?  Again, just way too creepy to watch.  When you watch something a bazillion times as a little kid you know how the story is supposed to go and you know what the story is supposed to look like.  Something about these movies just didn’t jive with my memories of watching these cartoons when I was a kid.  I have never been able to sit though an entire showing of either of these movies. 
Then Monday night they did it again.  NBC did a horrible thing to one of my all time favorite Christmas cartoons.  They did "A Year Without A Santa Claus" in live action.  The network executive that had the bright idea to do this show should be driven out of Hollywood.  Did anybody see this thing?  It was awful.  John Goodman as Santa?  Delta Burke as Mrs. Claus – BTW she looked like she had waayyy too much work done to her upper lip.  Every time she was on screen, all I could do was look at her lip and wonder what the heck happened?   
But the part that made me just want to cry was the "Heatmeiser/Snowmeiser" musical number.  Michael McKean as Snowmeiser?  Harvey Fierstein as Heatmeiser?  No.  No.  No.  That number is my most favorite part of the entire show . . . . my sister and I would sing that song for weeks after watching that show . . . and they destroyed it.  They took one of my most cherished holiday memories and destroyed it.  It was so bad that I turned the channel after that part. 
But I learned a very valuable lesson.  Never watch a live action remake of a beloved childhood cartoon.  The memories are way better than anything that Hollywood can create.


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7 responses to “Stop The Madness

  1. Johnelle

    I did see it. John Goodman and Delta Burke were absolutely amazing. I don\’t know what you\’re going on about.

  2. Vonda

    I so totally agree…I loved all those shows as a child and even now watch the originals…When they did the Grinch movie I became ill….it was so over-acted I cired. Jim Cary looks the same in every movie he has ever done…character is always the same. The other night I was all set & ready to watch Rudolph…my 10 yr.old son enters room and inquires: "What are you watching?" I told him it was an old timie cartoon from my childhood…he proceeded to say "The animation is horrible!" "Why would you watch that stuff?". I could have choked him…in my day that animation was top of the line. So stick with your traditions…refuse to watch any holiday cartoon re-made into live action or otherwise altered to look "new". It\’s just  not worth it.

  3. Linda

    I\’m not familiar with that particular show, but I know what you mean about remakes.  Our children just don\’t understand. [[sniff, sniff]]

  4. Jordyn

    Ha funny. You know they are doing a live action Charlotte\’s Web, right? Which I am actually excited to see. In any case, Hollywood does some stupid things, good thing I\’m not Hollywood.
    You have an invitation to check out my space.

  5. Unknown

    THANK YOU!  I ADAMANTLY refuse to watch any of those movies you mentioned.  I did enjoy the original Grinch (you know- BORIS KARLOFF narrated one).  After the show they did a  little "making of" with interviews and etc.  celebrating the creative genius\’ invovled. I am proud to say that my 7 year old nephew watched it iwth me.  The original "Grinch" is his favorite.  Of course, he has a wise mother (my sister) she won\’t let him poisin his mind with the "new stuff"/remakes.  Stand strong in your convictions!  There are others of us standing with you! 

  6. Sherry

    I didn\’t watch this particular show and I\’m not familiar with the cartoon version, but I know how you feel.  It seems Hollywood has run out of ideas.  Remaking cartoons, old TV shows, movies, etc.  I much prefer the originals. The original "Grinch", the original "Miracle on 34th St", the one with Maureen O\’hara and Natalie Wood, etc.  Having said as much, I\’m also looking forward to the live action version of Charlottes Web.

  7. Beth

    I agree with you!!  Leave our oldies but goodies alone!

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