No Snow

Well, we really dodged a bullet.  We got the cold weather, but we didn’t get a lick of snow.  No sleet.  No snow.  No ice.  Nothing.  Just a bunch of rain – about a couple of inches – and a lot of wind.  We had wind gusts yesterday up to50 miles an hour.  I went to Quizno’s for lunch yesterday afternoon and at one point I had to stop walking and turn my back to the wind until the wind gust finished.  You know the pictures of the weather person who is covering the hurricane that is holding onto a light pole to keep from being blown off camera?  Well, that was me yesterday. 
Hubby is very disappointed.  Everybody else in the country got up to a foot of snow, and we didn’t get anything.  Yes, he’s been pouting and calling the weather guys on his favorite local TV channel all kinds of bad names. 
Blacky is happy that the weather has finally changed.  He was having some problems with his arthritis because the weather was cool in the morning but then warm in the afternoon.  He does better when the weather picks a temperature and sticks with it.  I’ve noticed that he’s not having as much trouble getting up and down and he’s even been willing to play fetch with me and Luci.  
Luci is really happy that the wind stopped.  So far, wind seems to be the only thing that she doesn’t like.  She’ll play outside in the cold, rain, snow, hot weather . . . anything.  But for some strange reason she doesn’t like wind of any kind.  Hubby thinks it’s because she might be afraid that she’s going to get blown away.  It’s about 27 degrees outside right now and she’s out in the back yard doing heaven knows what.  I know she’s going to want to go for a walk later today.  I’ll have to make sure that I’m really bundled up because it’s just way too cold for me out there . . . but it’s not too cold for her.  So far this morning she’s come in long enough to get a drink of water and to make sure I’m still here.
I’m a little sad that we didn’t get the snow that everybody else got.  But at least it’s cold enough that the mud had frozen.  I guess I should be happy for that. 


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7 responses to “No Snow

  1. Unknown

    Where I live we did not get snow.  we haven\’t had a flake which puts us 2 months behind schedule.  I am very distressed about this.  We have to get our tree tomorrow for CHristmas with no snow and NO snowball fight.  I going to bed to cry now. 

  2. Brenda

    No snow here either, and we had almost the same kind of wind situation.  I\’m not sure that I want the actual snow cover right now, but a light dusting would be nice.  Getting snowed in isn\’t exactly my idea of fun.  (Unless it involves a "snow day" at school for the kids!)

  3. Dori

    I am Dori, a relatively new reader of your blog (Which I really enjoy).  I was reading back a ways today and when you talked about Goldie having to be put down because liver and kidney failure rather suddenly, it reminded me of our beloved chocolate lab, Winston.  He was only 10 and suddenly went into kidney failure.  He had bad hips and had been on Rimadol for about 4 years.  I heard later that this drug can result in kidney failure – I was wondering if Goldie was on it, since you mentioned she suffered from arthritis.??? My current lab, Luke, is only 7 and has been put on it, but the vet will watch his blood because of my fear of Rimadol.
    Keep up the good work on your blog, as a fellow dog lover, I can relate !!

  4. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    You can have our snow…. I hate it…. once the snow hits it turns icy and gray and then it stay cold all day long even with the sun… and then the haze comes about which it started doing today….. and I will not be warm again until April.

  5. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    Oh I forgot to add…. my big black lab has arthritis and once the cold hits, he is miserable…. it is so hard to see him hobble around…. maybe we need to move to Arizona.

  6. Linda

    Just stopping by to say hi.  I love to read about your dogs.  We just finished installing a radio fence around our yard so my puppy won\’t run away again.  What a nightmare!  It took 3 weeks, but it\’s done now and I\’m so relieved.  Now he\’s too afraid of the static shock(like when you touch metal after shuffling your feet on carpet) to venture off our deck!  You\’d think 2 acres would be enough room to run.  Oh well…..

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