We’re Gonna Pay For This

It’s been sunny with highs in the 60’s for days now.  No rain.  Cool at night, but no frost.  Just enough of a temperature change to play havoc with poor Blacky’s arthritis.  He always has a hard time when the weather changes . . . . and does much better when the weather picks a temperature and sticks with it.  
I go out at lunch and walk around downtown and look at all the holiday decorations.  It is a little odd to be listening to Christmas carols and looking at beautiful window displays wearing only a light jacket.  I go home at night and play fetch with Blacky and Luci in the back yard until they are so tired they can’t run anymore.  It’s been really nice to go out with them first thing in the morning and not be freezing my you-know-what off.     
Anyway, as happy as I am that we’ve had this wonderful weather, I know that we are going to pay for this big time later on this winter.  I’m afraid that the snowstorm that hit Washington State and is meandering its way across the United States is going to do something horrible to Ohio.  With my luck, it’ll hit either during the morning rush hour or the evening rush hour and I’ll have to drive in it.  I hate driving in snow/ice/sleet.  These snowstorms never happen in the middle of the night when I’m home snug in my bed listening to Hubby and Luci snore.  If I’m home, then I can call the boss and tell him I’m taking a two hour delay or a full snow day – it all depends on the amount of snow and whether or not the road crews can get the salt down and make it safe for me to drive 30 miles into work.  Thankfully, the boss understands my fear of driving in snow/ice/sleet and doesn’t complain when I wimp out. 
Snow, ice, and bad driving conditions are all part of living in Ohio.  It happens every year like clockwork.  I’ve been here all my life, you’d think I’d be used to it by now.  Nope.  Not at all.  So I worry every time that the word "snow" appears in the forecast.  
However, there is one person in my household that is looking forward to – and even wishing hard for – a good snowstorm.  That would be Hubby.  He spent his growing up years in California and only got to see snow when they went up to the mountains.  He didn’t get to do the snow fort thing.  Never had school cancelled because of snow.  Poor deprived little kid.  He’s been here in Ohio for about 35 years now and he’s still as excited as a little kid when it comes to snow storms.  
I just know that he’s going to get his wish.  Excuse me while I go check The Weather Channel. 


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6 responses to “We’re Gonna Pay For This

  1. ...And The Little Minion

    The Moo Girl was thrilled to have the snow storm hit last night and miss school today! We got around 6" overnight! The bummer about the storm for all those who were working is that it did hit during rush hour and a ton of people got stuck. It was taking people four hours to drive 20 miles. I am so glad that we were all home already!
    I was looking at the weather channel and SHOCKED to see the warm weather on the east coast. It is freezing her and 61 degrees in New  York. When does that EVER happen? Such strange November weather we have had. If you do get our storm, I hope that your hubby enjoys the snow!

  2. Linda

    Cold and snowy here in Idaho.  Last night it was below zero.  It\’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Take care!

  3. barnyardmama

    I know what you mean.  I\’m sitting here watching the weather on the TV and hoping I\’ll be able to make it home tomorrow night before it stops sleeting.

  4. barnyardmama

    I mean STARTS sleeting.  Yetch.

  5. Emily

    You\’ve been tagged! Read my blog for details 🙂

  6. Emily

    I know what you mean about finding it hard to come to terms with Christmas being right around the corner when it\’s so warm outside. It\’s 70 degrees in northern VA right now. If only it were sunny also, I could pretend that for just one day, it\’s Summer :-P. I feel for Blacky. This weird weather is making my head hurt. I never thought I\’d be looking forward to a proposed 30-degree temp. drop that\’s supposed to happen tomorrow. I\’m going to try what I did when I was younger…make a paper snowflake and put it under my pillow and hope for snow 🙂  Have a happy weekend!

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