Nothing To See Here . . .

I’ve got absolutely nothing worth an entire blog.  Just a bunch of little things that I could somehow wrap together . . .
The Big Game was this weekend.  Yes, that one.  The Ohio State – Michigan game.  The hoopla was pretty intense all through the state.  I managed to talk the boss into having a "casual day" in the office on Friday and I got to wear jeans and my Ohio State t-shirt to work.  Everywhere you looked on Friday and Saturday, everyone was wearing scarlet and grey.  Then there were the few sad folks wearing Michigan blue.  I went to Saturday evening Mass and missed a good part of the game.  Hubby stayed home to watch the game, but got so nervous that Ohio State might lose that he turned the channel after the first quarter and could only watch the game for a few minutes at a time.  His theory was that they did well when he didn’t watch and messed up when he did.  Yes, I’d say he’s more than a little superstitious. 
The weather has turned colder, but at least it’s stopped raining.  I did manage to get the mud room floor cleaned on Sunday afternoon.  That lasted about 15 minutes.  Then the dogs decided they needed to go outside to potty and immediately started tracking mud on the floor again.  Hubby had the brilliant idea of spreading the towels I use to wipe the dog’s feet on the floor and have them walk on the towels to keep the floor from getting dirty.  Brilliant idea I tell you.  Worked like a charm.  Until the dogs decided that they didn’t want to walk on the towels.  I highly recommend that you buy stock in Pinesol and/or Clorox because my Clorox Ready Mop is getting a serious workout.  
I always thought that Blacky was the doggie that OCD.  He has a routine, he knows his routine, and he doesn’t like to have his routine disturbed.  I think he’s passing that tendency to Luci.  Normally, I park the doggie mobile in front of the house, but last night I parked in the driveway.  Hubby wasn’t home and I was going to the grocery a little later, so I just left the car in the driveway.  Luci spotted the car in the driveway and thought that we had visitors.  She drove me nuts running back and forth from the deck to the front door.  When I finally figured out what she was doing, I went and moved the car to it’s normal spot.  That silly dog wasn’t going to stop running in and out the back door until everything in her little world was back to normal. 
Wow . . . maybe the ranting blog would have been the better choice . . .

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  1. Brenda

    The ranting blog?  Nah!  This one was perfect.  Who\’d ever thing a dog could be OCD?  That is too cute!  Yeah… I\’ve passed that gene on down the family line.  Us OCD\’ers can be so difficult at times, but you\’ve gotta love us anyway. 🙂
    Congrats on the Ohio State win.  And you got a casual day out of the deal, too.  Very cool!

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