Hoping It’s Just A Bug

Don’t think that I’m a bad wife by hoping that what Hubby has is "just" a flu bug.  There really is a method to my madness.  Right before Hubby’s 50th birthday a couple of years ago, he had his first colitis attack.  It was a horrible, painful, completely-out-of-left field kind of experience for both of us.  The attack was so bad that it became one of those "you need to get me to the ER now" events.  Hubby never asks to go to the ER and if he’s begging for a shot to stop the pain, then you know it’s bad.  Over the course of the next few months he and I learned more than we ever wanted to know about colitis and the workings of the lower digestive tract.  We were lucky that Hubby’s colitis wasn’t severe and it responded well to medications.  With the meds and a minor change in our diets, the colitis went into remission after about 6 months and he’s been off the meds and symptom-free for about 2 years. 
At least we’re hoping he’s still in remission.  Hubby’s been having some tummy trouble the last couple of days and we’re trying to figure out what it is.  Is it something he ate?  A bug that’s going around?  Or is it a warning sign of something worse?  Right now we’re trying the "wait and see" approach to see what happens next.  He’s been complaining of some pain – not as bad as the earlier attack, but bad enough to have both of us worried – and he’s making frequent trips to the bathroom again.  This has only been going on for a couple of days and we’re wondering if it’s just a bug or if we need to be worried about the colitis coming back. 
Poor Hubby.  He’s grumpy because he doesn’t feel good.  He’s afraid to eat anything because it might trigger an "episode" and the things that don’t trigger an "episode" are "too boring" to eat.  So here we are, a week before Thanksgiving . . . . and if it is the colitis coming back he’s going to have to spend the holiday season eating bland, boring food.  Add to that the possibility of the specialist wanting to do "that #@^*(!% test" again.  That’s what Hubby calls a colonoscopy.  Hubby hates having a colonoscopy.  I hate when Hubby has to have a colonoscopy.  For Hubby the only good thing about a colonoscopy is that I promise him a large Frosty from Wendy’s after it’s all over.  Then there’s the meds and the follow-up visits with the specialist.  Bleck, bleck, bleck.  It won’t be a very happy holiday season for us. 
See why I’m hoping that it’s "just a bug" . . .

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  1. Karen

    Hope your hubby feels better soon! Love your dogs!

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