The Cat That Thinks He Lives At My House

In my Thursday Thirteen entry last week, I mentioned the "gift" that Fluffy left for me and Hubby.  I think that was the first time I’ve ever mentioned Fluffy in my blog and it’s only fair that I give an explanation of how this wonderful kitty fits into our family dynamic.
Fluffy isn’t really "my" cat – he just thinks he lives at my house.  His real family lives across the street from me, but Fluffy doesn’t like living indoors.  He’ll go inside long enough to make sure everyone is still there, maybe grab a bite to eat, and then he’s off again to explore the neighborhood.  He’s such a good kitty that he never has a problem finding somebody to love him, feed him, groom him, or fuss over him.  You can tell by looking at him that he’s a well-cared for kitty.  Well fed and always groomed.  He’ll sit still longer than any kitty I’ve every known if you get out the brush and the comb.  But if you get out the scissors to clip a tangle or a burr and he’s off like a shot. 
Fluffy has a schedule and a routine and if you aren’t there when he’s expecting you to be there, he just wanders off to the next family.  He comes to my house when Hubby is leaving for work in the morning for breakfast, wanders back about the time I get home from work for supper, and then stops by about 9 p.m. to make sure we’re all in for the evening.  It’s not unusual to find him asleep in Hubby’s boat, on the neighbors porch swing, or under a chair on the deck.  A couple of years ago, Hubby was concerned about Fluffy spending the night outside during the winter, so he made Fluffy a little kitty house that sits on our front porch.  It’s a nice sturdy little house that blocks the wind and has a nice little kitty bed and food and water bowls.  He’ll stick his head in it far enough to eat his food and get a drink of water, but that’s about it.  I don’t think Fluffy has ever spent a night inside that house. 
Even Luci has been won over by Fluffy’s charm.  She’s fascinated with that cat and Fluffy will let Luci chase him around the back yard.  When Fluffy has decided that he’s had enough fun, he’ll stop running and just sit so Luci can sniff all over him.  I know that Fluffy can take care of himself if he had to, but he’s never once hissed at Luci or bared his claws at her. 
Fluffy is also a very good hunter.  There have been many mornings that Hubby has said to me that I don’t want to look too close at the flower bed or the front walk because there is some sort of gift that Fluffy has left for us.  I know that he’s being nice and "sharing" his prize, but blech.  Who wants to see something like that first thing in the morning?  That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about Fluffy. 
I guess you could call Fluffy the only four legged kid I’ve ever had that grew up and moved out on his own . . .    


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7 responses to “The Cat That Thinks He Lives At My House

  1. Tracey

    I\’m new to your space. Alicia sent me over to say "hello". Congratulations on being featured. I will definitely be by to visit again.
    How sweet of Fluffy to leave you a gift of appreciation. Lol.
    Take Care!

  2. Cee

    Congratulations on a comfortable blog, an absolutely beautiful lab, and the blessings of a large boisterous family!  You, dear Pam,  are a brave soul.  Kovu gives your ste tow paws up!  *grin*  Take care!
    Kovu and Cee

  3. Tani

    I have tried and tried to get Hubby to agree to a cat around her,but he can;\’t stand that they get up on tables and counters.But we live next to a field,fieldmice are a problem.The stray kitties obviously can\’t keep up.Oh well.Toby is extremly interested in the strays in the neighborhood,not real sure how he would act if he got close to one,LOL Hope you are having fun this week

  4. ...And The Little Minion

    I just wanted to stop by and say "Congrats" on being featured. I thought it was pretty cool that we are both being featured this week!

  5. Jen

    I love that story!  Fluffy sounds like a character to me!  Thank you for all of your nice comments.  I always smile when I check my page and see you have left me a few words.  🙂
    HUGS  -Jen

  6. Tracy

    It\’s those little critters that crawl in and grab you 🙂
    P.s. Alicia sent me 🙂

  7. Unknown

    She\’s your cat! Obviously she feels more comfy at or near your house than hers. I used to have a critter like that and she\’d come to sleep in my front porch every night. I thought she belonged to someone….I could kick myself for being so naive! She had been abandoned and will come to my house to eat at night, the only sustenance she\’d get day to day. When it was time to move away I realized that I couldn\’t just leave her there….I contacted the Friends for Life in my area and an angelic young woman, recently married took her in until she found her an excellent home. I couldn\’t take the kitty w/me cause I was moving overseas and had two cats and two dogs to fly to the other side of the pond.
    Insn\’t it strange how animals unite people? You and I couldn\’t be more different or have very different lives, yet we feel so much the same feelings about the pooches. I used to believe I was a cat person, and I am \’cause I can\’t resist a kitten or an abandoned cat or dog, but after the last batch of rescued dogs I now know that cats are under my skin while dogs are inside my heart.
    I also believe that animals that come into our lives come for a reason, they\’re sent by a positive force or power, they are guides or have lessons for each of us to learn. I\’ve a sticker in my car that says "A dog is for life" it should say a \’pet\’ is for life, only I don\’t like the word \’pet\’, no they aren\’t pets, they\’re family!
    Enjoyed reading your writings,
    Ta Ta!

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