It’s All About Me

And the doggies, the Hubby, the cat that thinks he lives at my house, my family, and just about anything that pops into my head.  This blog is about all those things.  I’ve been writing it now for about nine months.  Started out as a way to record what it’s like to have a puppy in the house and turned into so much more. 
For those of you new to this space – and for those of you who probably don’t know the whole story – here’s a brief recap.  The title of the blog refers to my 2003 Ford Focus Wagon.  When I was looking for a car to replace my 1998 Ford Contour, Hubby and I decided that we wanted something that would be easy for me to transport the dogs.  We have two rather large dogs (one black lab and one black lab/golden retriever mix) and it was too difficult to transport them in the Contour.  Just not enough room.  So, we picked the Focus Wagon and promptly called it the Doggie Mobile.  At first I resisted the idea of a station wagon because I didn’t want to believe that I was at the "drive a station wagon" stage of my life.  But then I took the dogs somewhere and it was heaven.  No fighting to get into the car.  They each had plenty of room.  Best of all – no more fighting over who got the window.  Yes, there are doggie nose prints on just about every window. 
This blog started as a way for me to write about what it’s like to raise a puppy so I won’t make that mistake again.  Luci is my 14 month old black lab girl puppy.  She came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old.  Goldie, our 14 year old yellow lab, had just passed away and Hubby thought it would be good to add a new puppy to the family to help Blacky (our 7 year old black lab/golden retriever mix) and me deal with our grief.  It did seem like a good idea at the time and I’m grateful that Hubby brought Luci into our family.  But both Hubby and I had completely forgotten what it’s like to have a puppy in the house and we were so not ready for potty training (she caught onto that really quickly), sibling rivalry (Blacky did not like the idea of a new little sister and it took him a while to warm up to her), crate training (I’m all for it, Hubby thinks it’s mean), obedience classes.  You name it, we’ve experienced it in the last year.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve said "What were we thinking?" when we discover the new mess that Luci has created.  Everybody told us that she’d calm down as she got older but we didn’t really believe it.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that it was true!  Over the past couple of months she’s started to calm down some . . . but there are days when the ornery puppy stuff comes out again. 
Hubby and I have been together for 24 years and married for 22.  There’s a 9½ year age difference between Hubby and me.  It doesn’t seem like such a big deal now, but it was rather shocking when we first started dating because I was 19 and he was 28.  Hubby has two kids from his first marriage.  That means I was dealing with teenagers when I was just barely out of my teens myself.  The Ex-Wife used to say that I was too young to understand the kids, but I always said that I understood them better because I was closer to their age . . . and I remembered all the stuff I tried to pull when I was a teenager.  I survived that and discovered that God’s reward for raising teenagers is Grandchildren.  I became a Grandma before my 30th birthday.  The best part of being a young grandma is watching the faces of everyone when you introduce the adorable little baby as your grandchild.  You can almost see the wheels turning!  I have five grandkids that range in age from 15 to 11. 
The rest of the story is all here.  So pull up a chair.  Open a Coke (or whatever beverage you choose).  Stay for a spell (as my mom would say).  Take a peek around.  I hope you like what you see and I hope you come back often.  Thanks MSN for featuring me this week.
Thanks for stopping by!


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9 responses to “It’s All About Me

  1. Shanna

    Wow!  Grandma before you were 30 – that is sooo cool 😉  No house-coats and knitting needles for this grandma!  Congratz on being featured this week – you\’ve got a fun site here!
    Have a fantastic week!

  2. meg

    Kudos on being featured- & in such good company!
    Grandma at 30? Whoa- I\’m dealing with the possibility of being one by 45 (my kids are 23,20 &15)!
    I\’ve enjoyed reading the last few entries; you seem like a kindred spirit. I have a \’02 Focus that I love- emerald green sedan-when we bought a new PT Cruiser last month, my husband figured I would drive it, but I politely declined since I don\’t want him driving my baby 😉
    Drop by the garden if you feel so inclined- the gate is always oopen (I really ought to get that thing fixed one of these days)

  3. Alicia

    I gave you a big shout out in my entry today, Pam…you DESERVE this honor!!  CONGRATS!!  🙂

  4. Linda

    Congratulations on being a featured space! I enjoyed hearing about your dog adventures. Sounds like your life is similar to mine, only my two "crazy ladies" are horses. Check out my space when you get a chance.

  5. Tani

    I love your story.I totally egt the station wagon,but being in denial I went with an SUV,LOL which the dogs think they own.The nose prints,how do they get the windows so messy so fast.Living in a semi with two dogs has two major challenges.The constant Nose-Art,and the hHAIR!! We should own stock in windex,LOL Hope you are having fun too.I have been a little surprised ,I had heard nightmares of thousands of hits a day,so far about 900.MAybe things take a while to crank up.I am feeling blessed that it has allowed me to keep up with returning comments.

  6. Beth

    I loved reading more about your life and I will be waiting for the next installment.

  7. Brenda

    Just popped in for my daily visit and to check your stats… have they hit the roof yet?  I hope you\’re enjoying the ride!

  8. Sherry

    Love your space! I\’ve enjoyed reading about your babies. I have two smaller dogs, but both have the energy of large dogs. I have a female maltese, 5, and a male Bichon, also 5. My hubby and I are "rescuers". We\’ve taken dogs that for one reason or another can\’t stay where they are, and have ended up with great dogs. I also have a Focus wagon, an \’01, silver. I love it. It\’s great for hauling all those things that need hauling. I\’ve hauled luggage for 3 to Nashville for a week, assorted trappings for tailgating at races, those doggies to Grampa\’s house!

  9. Elizabeth Larene

    Just dropping by to congratulate you on being featured this past week on "What\’s Your Story".

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