Thursday Thirteen – Highlights of My Day

 I’m in a very good mood today.  And I’m going to share all the reasons why . . .

  1. The sun is shining – It’s been raining here for the past few days and I was getting tired of the grey dreary weather.  It was nice to go out at lunch and feel the sun on my face.
  2. It’s cold outside – Yes, I know I normally complain about the cold weather but the cold weather means that the ground is frozen.  And that means I don’t have to dry off Blacky’s and Luci’s feet every time they come in from outside. 
  3.  I got showered with leaves falling from the trees in my front yard this morning when I was leaving for work.  It was quite an impressive sight.   
  4. Dinner at Mom’s – My mom called and invited me (and my siblings) to dinner tonight.  Nothing fancy – she bought a turkey on sale last week and realized that a 10 lb. turkey is way too much for her and my dad to eat by themselves.  The best way to avoid leftovers is to invite the kids (and grandkids) for supper. 
  5. Kitty Gift – Hubby and I have been adopted by one of the neighborhood cats.  Fluffy (that’s the cat’s name) hangs out our house, we feed him, he torments Luci, and he occasionally leaves us little presents.  He left us a present this morning.  Hubby thinks it might be a squirrel or a rabbit.  (Not all the highlights are happy highlights.)
  6. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch – Sometimes there’s nothing better in the world than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  7. Great Parking Spot – I found a spot in the parking garage right near the exit.    
  8. Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight.
  9. Wake Up With Whoopi – Was channel surfing on the radio and found this.  Whoopi Goldberg has a radio show?  Who knew?  Bob and Tom are still my favorite, but Whoopi wasn’t half bad.  Okay, maybe I’ll get over the fact that they got rid of MOJO now.
  10. Amazing Email – It was from MSN.  I’m going to be featured on MSN spaces next week.  Excuse me while I do a happy dance around my office.
  11. Office Christmas Cards – I ordered them early this year.  The arrived today.  They are just as cute as the picture in the catalog.  Hopefully I won’t be mailing them at the last minute this year.
  12. Cabbage Rolls – One of the restaurants here downtown featured cabbage rolls on their lunch menu.  The smell was heavenly – that is if you like cabbage rolls.  Guess what I’m fixing for Sunday dinner this week?
  13. Field Trips – Some of the local elementary schools were here downtown today for a field trip to see a movie or a play at the theatre across the street.  How can you not look at a bunch of first graders and not smile.  They were absolutely adorable!

 So, how was your day?



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3 responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Highlights of My Day

  1. Brenda

    Yay for you, Pam!  You have so many good reasons to be in a happy mood.  If only I could say that mine was as uplifting as yours… well, let\’s just say that I should be happy for all of the productive work that I\’ve accomplished at the office today, but the little Energizer Bunny in me is wearing down fast… say it isn\’t so!?
    Thanks for sharing your "Thursday Thirteen" list–I was especially excited to hear about Fluffy and your soon to be featured MSN Space!  *happy dancing around my office too* 🙂

  2. Cindy

    Congratulations on being featured on MSN Spaces!! That\’s so cool!
    Sounds like you\’ve had one of those days where just everything seems to go well (hmmm….except for maybe the \’gift\’ from the cat….lol) Gotta love days like that!
    As for me, well, all in all today\’s been pretty good, too. Had the annual performance evaluation at work and that went really well, and then on impulse (sort-of…..I\’ve been thinking about it for a little bit) I went to the pet store and got a long haired calico kitten as an early Christmas gift for the family. She was just too cute to not bring home…teehee.
    Hope tomorrow goes just as nicely for you, if not better!
    Take care,
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Emily

    I had to comment because, really, how many days do you have when so many great things happen?? The things that also made me smile: the leaves! (I hate cold weather, but the beautiful fall leaves make this part of the cold weather worth it.), Grey\’s Anatomy! (LOVE this show! I\’m glad someone else does too:), PB&J sandwich (peanut butter is one of the greatest foods ever invented.), and, ofcourse, the sun (hands down, the best thing in the world) 🙂

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