Thursday Thirteen – Random Thoughts about Halloween

I tried to post this yesterday, but MSN wouldn’t let me for some reason . . . . so here it is a day late . . . 
As a side note . . . did anybody else know that today is the 40th anniversary of the first showing of "It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" TV special.  Wow, 40 years and I’ve probably watched every single one.  Man, I’m just way too old.   
  1. My most favorite part of trick-or-treat is watching the little kids in their costumes.
  2. Just once I’d like to have nice weather so the little kids don’t have to wear their coats over their costumes.  And Hubby and I don’t freeze sitting on the porch handing out candy. 
  3. I wonder how Luci is going to react to the trick-or-treaters on Saturday night.
  4. It should be against the law for anyone in high school to go out trick or treating. 
  5. I have to set a spending limit for the candy that I buy for the trick-or-treaters so Hubby won’t buy one of everything in the candy aisle.
  6. I have to wait until a few days before trick-or-treat to buy the Halloween candy so Hubby won’t eat it all.   
  7. Yes, I buy the candy that Hubby likes because anything that’s not given to the trick-or-treaters belongs to him. 
  8. Between Hubby’s acid reflux problems and my crowns, it’s getting harder and harder to find candy that we both like and we can actually eat.  Getting old is not fun. 
  9. I’ll be glad when the scary movie marathons are over.  That’s my least favorite part of Halloween. 
  10. Hubby LOVES scary movies. 
  11. Luci loves watching scary movies with Hubby . . . . she licks the screen during the really scary parts. 
  12. This is the first time in years that we haven’t had a black cat in the house at Halloween. 
  13. I wanted to buy costumes for the dogs for Halloween.  Luci was going to get devil horns and Blacky was going to get a halo.  Hubby failed to see the humor in this and vetoed my idea. 


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3 responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Random Thoughts about Halloween

  1. Brenda

    This is a great list!  We\’ve got a Lego Bionicle and a witch at my house this Halloween.  My favorite part is watching the kids go on the school parade and seeing all of the creative costumes.  Oh, and helping out with the Halloween parties in the classroom.  My least favorite part?  Like you, the movie marathons.  The commercials are scaring the kids! 😛
    Take care and have a great weekend, Pam.

  2. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    No don\’t spend the  money on costumes for the dogs…. I did and they go crazy when I put them on…. they run around the house and rub on the furniture trying to remove the tutu\’s and devil horns…..

  3. Sherry

    When did the kids stop wearing costumes? It seems as that\’s all we had at my house. No costumes, just kids wanting free candy. Maybe it\’s just me, and maybe I\’m getting old, but I still love to dress for Halloween. Hubby also, the scarier the better for him.

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