Thursday Thirteen – My Favorite Movies


It is seriously cold here in Ohio.  Not your typical early fall "Oh, gee, where’s my sweater" cold – it’s "Bring in the plants so they don’t freeze" winter-type cold.  The temperature was 34 degrees when I got up at 5:30 this morning to let the dogs out.  There were snow flurries in the air (snow flurries!) when I went to the bank at lunch.  Is this a sign that we’re in for a hard winter? 
If I’m going to be stuck inside all winter, I might as well line up some good movies to watch. . . .  
  1. Gone With The Wind – Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley . . . what better way to spend an afternoon?
  2. Country – I can’t explain why I love this movie, I just do. 
  3. National Lampoon’s Vacation – The original.  My little brother looks just like Michael Anthony Hall.  Seriously. 
  4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Because of this movie Hubby and I call any over decorated houses in our neighborhood a "Griswold House."
  5. Love Actually – Believe it or not, Hubby has watched it just as many times as I have. 
  6. The Replacements – This one is Hubby’s fault.  He watched on pay-per-view and I’m the one that got hooked. 
  7. The American President – Why can’t Andrew Shepherd be our real President?
  8. The Money Pit – The Bath Tub Scene always makes me laugh until I cry. 
  9. Urban Cowboy – John Travolta in a cowboy hat . . . need I say more? 
  10. Band of Brothers – Yes, I know it’s not a movie, but I’m going to count it.  I watch it every time it’s on TV . . . I’d buy the DVD if it weren’t over $100. 
  11. Planes, Trains, Automobiles – Steve Martin and John Candy.  Life is good. 
  12. The Majestic – Who would have thought that Jim Carrey could do a serious role?
  13. Sixteen Candles – Where were guys like Jake Ryan when I was in high school? 
 Excuse me while I snuggle under my blanket and hibernate until spring. 



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  1. Brenda

    I\’m hibernating, too!  LOVE your movie list, especially 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 13.  Who ordered up the flurries so soon anyway?  Enjoy your hibernation time, Pam. 🙂

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