Deal or No Deal

Since last week, Hubby and I have been discussing whether it’s time to get rid of Luci’s crate.  I am a very firm believer in crate training and have been using a crate for Luci since the day she came to live with us.  She slept through the night from day one because of the crate.  She was housetrained in about two weeks because of the crate.  The only time she objects to being in the crate is when she has to go into the crate when I’m taking Blacky somewhere without her.  Hubby thinks that putting a dog in a crate is "mean" and she doesn’t need to be in the crate during the day when we’re at work.  I see the crate as a safe place for Luci where I can be sure that she’s not getting herself into some sort of mischief. 
When Luci first came to live with us, we borrowed a crate from one of Hubby’s co-workers.  She recently got a new puppy and needed the crate back.  No biggie.  I’d just go to Wal-Mart and get a new crate.  Hubby thinks that since Luci’s now a year old, its time for her to be "cage free" during the day while we are at work. He’s disappointed in me that I don’t have enough faith in Luci’s training to let her stay out of the crate during the day when we’re at work.  I do have faith in Luci . . . I have faith that she will get herself into some sort of trouble during the day.  This is a dog that I have to check on every 15 minutes or so when I’m home to make sure she’s not digging a hole to China, chewing the doorstop to the door in the mudroom, or doing something else that she’s not supposed to be doing.  And he wants me to leave her alone unwatched in our house for 10 hours a day while we’re at work?  I think Hubby has completely lost his mind.  Yes, my MIL comes and lets the dogs out to go potty at noontime every day, but that’s only for about a half hour.  That leaves a very curious dog home alone for about 9½ hours a day. 
He made me a deal on Thursday that he would agree that we needed a crate for her if she got into trouble if I let her stay out of her crate for one day while I’m at work.  While contemplating this deal, all I could see was my couch being destroyed, my grandmother’s antique dining room set being chewed to pieces, my stuffed animals ripped to shreds, and Blacky being tormented throughout the day whenever Luci decided she wanted to play with her Big Brother.  I went with my doggie mommy instincts, decided "No Deal," and bought Luci a new crate.  Let’s just say that Hubby was less than thrilled with my decision. 
However, it didn’t take very long for me to prove my point to Hubby.  Luci and Blacky went to the groomers on Saturday for their fall baths.  Luci doesn’t like to have her nails clipped and gave the groomer quite a fight.  Unfortunately, the groomer clipped one of Luci’s front nails a little too close and it was still bleeding a little when I went to pick them up.  Happens sometimes and it’s no big deal.  Since I wanted Luci to be still and give her nail a chance to heal (and so that she wouldn’t get little blood spots all over the carpet), I put her in her crate for a nap after we got home.  She was still napping when Hubby got home from work Saturday afternoon.  I explained that she really needed a nap and the only way I could get her to take that nap was to put her in the crate.  When she was finished with her nap (and the nail stopped bleeding), she could get out of the crate.  He listened to my explanation and actually agreed with me.  We avoided a big mess – and he stopped fighting me over the need for a crate for Luci. 
I just love it when my doggie mommy instincts actually turn out to be right . . . and I love it even more when Hubby acknowledges that I was right all along.  (Yes, I did a happy dance when he wasn’t looking!)

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  1. Nikki

    Lol!  Its always good to be right.  🙂

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