This Is Just Wrong In So Many Ways . . .

I’m always upset whenever I hear about a school shooting incident, but today I’m beyond upset.  Beyond sad.  I’m so disturbed by the school shooting incident in Pennsylvania that I can’t even begin to describe my feelings. 
What is wrong with this world when even the Amish have to start fearing for the safety of their children while they are in school?  I watched every news report on the subject last night and the images that I saw were more disturbing than the story.  Nothing graphic or gory.  Just extremely horribly sad.  Pictures of the Amish people with the SWAT team in the background.  A picture of a little Amish boy standing next to a tree wrapped in police "Caution" tape.  The image of an Amish buggy driving past a police car with it’s flashing lights.  Does anybody else realize just how sad those images are?   
They’re Amish people.  Quiet self-sufficient people who don’t ask for anything from the government.  Don’t ask anything from society.  Live quiet lives without all the fuss and bother of modern conveniences.  The gunman wasn’t Amish and the grudge he held didn’t have anything to do with the Amish.  According to the news reports, he picked that school because it was close to his house, it had little girls in it, and there would be little or no security.  The little Amish girls became targets because of their quiet lifestyle.  They never imagined that something this horrible could happen to them.  

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  1. Brenda

    Like you, I\’ve been stunned and saddened by these events.  It really hit me hard, so much that I can\’t find the words to blog about anything good in the world right now.  What happened to those children is completely unspeakable.  My heart is heavy…

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