Saturday Quickies

There are a lot of things running through my head today.  None of them enough for a blog of their own, so I’m going to just throw them out there . . .
I’m watching the Ohio State – Iowa game with Hubby.  At least I’m listening to it.  I’m afraid that Ohio State is going to do something stupid and lose.  Right now Ohio State is 21 points ahead.  But there is still enough time for Iowa to come back and beat my Buckeyes.
The Kroger here in my home town had gas today for $1.92/gallon.  If you have a Kroger Plus card, you get 10 cents off per gallon.  I got gas today for $1.82/gallon.  It was a good thing.  
Luci has been trying my patience all day.  She destroyed a roll of paper towels.  She stole the door stop for the back door three or four times and was chewing on it.  I found her chewing on a piece of concrete that she found in somewhere in the yard.  Still have no idea where she got that.  On our walk tonight she got distracted by some of the Halloween decorations and was extremely jumpy.  At one point she almost tripped me because she got scared of something and tried to hide between my legs.  She made up for it a little while ago when she snuggled up in my lap while I was sitting on the floor watching the Ohio State game.  How could I be mad at her when she was asleep on my lap . . . and snoring to boot!   
It’s been raining off and on here most of the day.  Luci hasn’t been able to go out to play very much, so she’s tormenting Blacky.  She wants to play.  He wants to nap.  He decided that he’d had enough of her pestering him and he decided to assert some of his "big brother" authority and snapped at her.  That really hurt her feelings and she came slinking over to me to protect her. I told her it was her own fault for bothering Blacky and she needed to apologize to him.  She must have understood what I said, because she walked over to him and licked him on his nose.  He must have forgiven her because he let her snuggle up next to him for a nap. 
Uh oh . . . Iowa just scored.  Now they’re just 16 points behind.  I better go cheer for my Buckeyes.  Maybe I’ll be able to have Luci snuggle on my lap again. 

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  1. Unknown

    lovely! when I was a little girl and an animal would snuggle on my lap I would consider it an honor and would be there glued to the chair for as long as the animal\’s nap would last! My siblings would laugh at me, my mother would roll her eyes, hey, I didn\’t and don\’t regret it one bit! Btw, my baby (4 now) chewed my favorite shoes along with 4 other lesser pairs, but once he was out of the chewing stage it was it, until he chewed up a chair\’s leg, a chair that has been with me for almost 30 years! That\’s it, that was the last damage he wrought, or so I hope, it happened 2 years ago.

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