This Is Going To Be Fun


Halloween and Trick-or-Treat is my favorite time of year – I look forward to it every year.  Yea, I love the cute fall decorations and the candy, but the real fun is seeing the little kids in their costumes.  But this year I have an extra reason for being excited about Halloween.  This year I get to experience Luci’s first Halloween.  Last year, Luci came to live with us the day after Trick-or-Treat in my little town, so this Halloween and Trick-or-Treat is the last of the "first year" experiences for her.  And I have a feeling that Halloween is going to be big fun this year. 


Luci is a very curious girl and has to inspect everything – look at, sniff, and even chew on something if it looks particularly interesting to her.  When we go on our walks at night, she notices everything.  Flowers, yard decorations, flags, cars in the driveway.  You name it, she has to inspect it.  Some of the houses on our walking route have started to decorate for Halloween.  There’s some scarecrows in some of the yards and there’s even one house that has a fake coffin with a skeleton in it.  The scarecrows and the Jack-O-Lanterns aren’t too scary for her, she notices there is something new in the yard and she has to investigate the new thing . . . just in case the new thing is either a little person that might play with her or something good for her to eat.  We’ve walked past this coffin with the skeleton a few times and each time it’s an adventure for her and for me.  For me because it’s so funny to see her reaction to it every night.  For her because she has absolutely no idea what this thing is and why it’s there.  The coffin is standing on it’s end and leaning against a house where she always sniffs the flowers in the flower bed.  The first night, she hid behind me and didn’t want to get anywhere near it.  As soon as she saw that I wasn’t afraid, she was brave enough to walk up to it and sniff it.  Each night she gets a little braver and doesn’t hide behind me anymore.  


What I’m really wondering about, though, is what is she going to think of Trick-or-Treat night?  How is she going to react to all the little kids in costumes walking up to the house and getting candy?  She’s a big people watcher (just like me!) and loves meeting new friends.  I wonder how she’s going to be able to contain her excitement when all these new people come to her house to visit. 


I already know how Blacky is going to react.  He’s seven years old now and Halloween isn’t a big deal to him.  He’ll stick around for the first few visitors and then he’ll go lay in front of the TV and wait for all the excitement to be done.  He knows that if he’s a good boy and doesn’t bark at the little kids, he gets a special doggie treat after Mommy is done giving out candy.  I usually give him a chew bone of some sort to reward him for not sitting at the door and terrifying the children.  Some of the little kids are afraid to come to up the front walk when there is a big black dog sitting at the front door. 


I wonder if this is how excited new moms get when their little ones experience Trick or Treat for the first time?



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2 responses to “This Is Going To Be Fun

  1. JustinsAuntPatricia

    Sorry I haven\’t stopped by for a while. Ever since King died, I haven\’t been blog walking much.
    This will be Pound Puppy\’s second Halloween but we cannot have help handing out the candy to the kids. Let\’s just say there would be more kissing instead of candy for the kids. But I do understand what you mean about new Moms feel.
    Hope all is well with you and the family. Talk to you soon!

  2. Tom

       Hi, this is a very nice post, loved it !
     Thanks for sharing that.
     Have a great and safe week end, take care.

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