Tuesday Blog Walk – Should Stem Cell Research Be Legal

Wow, Ben, you sure know how to jump start a person’s week.  I joined Ben’s blog walk last week because I thought it would be interesting to write on a given topic every week – and to read what other bloggers had to say on the same topic.  Last week’s topic was pretty easy and I breezed through it without any problem.  This week’s topic actually took my breath away when I read it.  I’ve been thinking about this topic for two days now and I’m telling you my brain is getting a real workout.  First I had to figure out what my opinion was on the topic . . . and then I had to figure out how to put my thoughts into a coherent answer.  Yikes.  Hang on people.  This might be a very bumpy ride!
My first instinct is to answer "yes" to this.  Think of all the diseases that could be cured!  The lives that could be changed!  We could make such progress in diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, help those with spinal cord injuries.  We could give the victims of these horrible diseases and afflictions (and their families) hope that things will get better – and maybe erase these horrible things from the face of the Earth so that no one will ever have to suffer from them ever again. 
But . . . and you knew there was going to be a "but" to this . . . there are ethical questions that go along with this issue.  How do we get the stem cells for the research?  What about the use of embryonic stem cells?  There’s also the question of "just because we can do something, does that mean that we should do something?"  The treatments and/or cures that are developed are going to be pricey.  What about the people who really need the treatment/cure but can’t afford it?  Does that mean that only the rich can benefit from the research?  Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy answer for any of those questions. 
So what’s the answer to a question like this?  Somehow my "yes, but . . . " answer just doesn’t seem adequate. . . . 


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6 responses to “Tuesday Blog Walk – Should Stem Cell Research Be Legal

  1. Kadrin

    My take on all this medical stuff is its all a rip off, the rich and the medical establishments are the only ones who benefit.
    As to the claritan issue, We have the  same process here, kids are using this stuff to get high, And people are dying abusing it, not just kids. Funny (not) how we have created a generation of drug addicts, becouse we ourselves were raised in the "Got a problem?take a pill" society. Pick up a readers digest lately?, its mostly medication ads. Yup good ole USA just keeps getting smarter and safer by the year : P            Hugs, Kat

  2. Sue

    Very good angle on this week\’s topic!  I opted out of it this week.  You took a wonderful diplomatic way to approach this and I know it is the way you feel.  Still diplomatic.  I know so many people feel so strongly about this issue for personal reasons.  It is just a tad too political for me to get into.  It\’s an issue that can upset people no matter what view you have on it.  Congratulations.  My apologies for not being here as of late.  I only have so much time right now to spend online, so it\’s difficult to get around.  You are on my blogroll, so hopefully MSN won\’t mess up (like they have been recently) and I will know when you update!  Thank you so much for continuing to stop by, even when I didn\’t reciprocate it.  That is truly appreciated.  : )Sue

  3. Ben

    It sounds like you have reached the same dilema I ran into. Its a matter of should the goverment be in control of the ethics of science. I liked the point of can vs. should.
    Next week should be easier 😉

  4. Alicia

    Well, this was a VERY hard topic to tackle…but I think you handled it JUST FINE!!  Welcome to the Blag Walk!!!  🙂

  5. Beth

    Dear Pam,
    Thank you so much for your comments and prayers for Jim and for me.  Bless you!

  6. Holy

    I hear ya – I had never actually thought of myself as a yes-person on the issue until I sat down and went with my gut instinct on the blog.
    Good post!

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