No Mo’ MoJo?

For the past six months, I’ve been listening to this really cool station out of Cincinnati called MoJo 94.9.  I discovered it right after I bought the Dog Mobile back in January.  The radio in the Dog Mobile is more powerful than the one in the Contour and I can pick up stations that I’ve never heard before. 
MoJo 94.9 quickly became my new favorite.  What a cool station!  They played soft rock classic oldies from the 70’s and best of all . . . they played DISCO!  You never hear disco on the radio anymore.  This was FANTASTIC.  I love disco music.  (okay, you can stop laughing now!)  When I first heard a disco song on MoJo during my drive home from work, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  All the way home I was dancing and driving and singing at the top of my lungs.  It brought back a whole bunch of wonderful, happy memories of my growing up years.  I was one very happy girl.  I would listen to MoJo 94.9 just about every night during my drive home.  
On Tuesday night, I got in the car for the drive home and turned to MoJo 94.9 like always.  I heard the DJ talking about his memories of his time at the station and it sounded like he was leaving for another job.  I listened a little longer and heard them announce that MoJo was going off the air and that Wednesday would be their last day.  WHAT!  The station had been sold and the new owners were changing the format to (gasp!) country.  Ohmygawrsh.  It was a very sad trip home that night. 
This is the second time in a year that a station with the light classic rock format has gone off the air and been replaced with a country station.  What the heck is going one?  I did a little research and discovered something that just makes me mad.  Apparently, the new batch of radio execs think that the light classic rock format isn’t "profitable" and that the demographics for that particular format isn’t one of their "target" demographics.  Did he just say that I’m old and not important enough to have a radio station targeted to my taste?  Okay, now I’m insulted.  In case this young hot shot radio exec hasn’t noticed, the Baby Boomers (yes, I’m a Boomer – tail end, but still part of the group!) are the biggest demographic group in America.  We’ve set trends from the minute we started arriving on this planet 60 years ago.  Can someone please explain why we don’t rate a station that suits our tastes? 
It’s truly a sad end to the week for me.  For six months, I’ve looked forward to my long drive home (it takes about 30 minutes if I don’t get stuck in traffic) only because I can listen to the music I listened to when I was growing up.  But not anymore.  No more disco.  No more songs from the 70’s.  Just more of the same old stuff.  Most of the stations around here are either Country, Top 40, or some really weird Alternative stuff.  Blech.  There is still WTUE out of Dayton that plays the hard rock classics (think Skynyrd and Ozzy), and I listen to them a lot, but there are days when I just can’t take the heavy stuff.  I want to hear the Bee Gees.  I want to hear The Commodores.  I want to hear Barry Manilow.  So far I haven’t found any other radio station that plays that kind of music.  But I know where I can find the songs of the 70’s and a bunch of other types of music.  It’s called satellite radio.  Until now, I never really understood the appeal of satellite radio and why you would want to pay for something that you can get for free.  You pay for it so that you can get what you want when you want it.  You get a choice and you aren’t dictated to by some hot shot radio exec that thinks your tastes aren’t profitable. 
So, unless I can convince Hubby to let me "borrow" his XM receiver from time to time, I’ll be asking Santa for my very own XM radio receiver and start subscribing.



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10 responses to “No Mo’ MoJo?

  1. Suzalita

    Don\’t forget Donna Summer and  Gloria Gaynor.  I was in High School and college during disco and LOVED to go our dancing! I personally think the world has engough coutnry stations.  One, far away from me, would be plenty.  Personally I am more of a rock fan, but disco has a soft spot in my heart!

  2. Ben

    I know just what you mean. and I don\’t even have a cd player in my car so I can listen to my music. Sigh. Mabee I am getting old since my music is now in the CLASIC stage. Before we know it we will have to turn to the golden oldies station to listen to our music. 😉

    Just stoppin by to let you know this weeks topic is posted.

  3. Cyndi

    Mojo is not off the radio, they just changed frequency.  They are on 100.3 FM now … but I am upset because I can no longer listen to it because their signal is not strong enough to reach where I live (in Dayton).  Once upon a time I could listen to them (only in my car, but not at home or at my office because I guess again the signal wasn\’t strong enough).
    Well, I called the station week before last and spoke to the nice receptionist and explained that Mojo had/has A LOT of listeners in other areas besides Cincy, and she told me that supposedly they are going to try to increase/improve the signal so that hopefully all of us who love the station will be able to listen again. 
    I sure hope so … I love that station!

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