Busy, Busy, Busy

Believe it or not, the title of the blog applies to Blacky and Luci and not to me.  They have been very busy doggies this weekend . . . and we never even left the house.  
Blacky was on alert Friday and Saturday because of a neighbor’s yard sale.  The lady two houses down from us had a one day yard sale on Saturday.  On Friday, Blacky was on alert because he could hear the neighbor and her family as they were getting things ready for the yard sale.  He is very protective of his territory and likes to barks when he hears things that are out of the ordinary.  He would go outside long enough to do his potty business, but he would first make sure that the neighbors heard him out in our yard and let them know that he was keeping an eye on them.  Then on Saturday he would bark at the potential yard sale customers if they happened to park either in front of the house or anywhere within Blacky’s line of sight when he was sitting at the front door.  
On Friday night, Luci and I went for our walk and walked past the house that was hosting the yard sale.  Of course she had to check out the tables in the yard and she charmed the neighbor and her helpers.  Luci wasn’t much interested in the yard sale on Saturday but would go to the door whenever Blacky would bark at the customers just so that she could see what was going on.
Luci spent her day Saturday checking out all kinds of things.  She chased butterflies around the yard.  She got into Hubby’s wood pile and dragged out some of the pine branches that he cut down last weekend.  Some of these branches were bigger than she is, but she still managed to drag them through the yard and play with them.  She discovered the ripe apples that are falling out of the tree.  I watched her toss the apple in the air and then go prancing through the yard to go pick it up.  She never did eat the apple – just played fetch by herself with it.  She found a big hunk of concrete and was dragging it through the yard.  Hubby and I still haven’t figured out where she found it . . . or how she managed to drag it around the yard.  Oh, and she’s fascinated with the leaves falling off the trees.  The leaves are starting to fall and blow around in the yard and she’s just amazed by them and chases them through the yard.  
Both Blacky and Luci spent some time today running the width of the back yard following behind the neighbor’s granddaughter as she rode her bike through the alley behind our house.  They also spent a lot of time looking out the front door and the back door . . . so much so that I’ve had to clean the door glass each day this weekend to remove the massive amounts of doggie nose prints. 
Luci’s a big fan of football (both college and professional) so of course she’s spent part of her day today watching football with Hubby.  Believe it or not, she actually sits and watches the screen.  She likes any team that has lots of on field action.  If the game is moving too slow for her taste, she’ll walk up to the screen and lick it.  I think she’s hoping to make the players move so she’ll have something to watch. 
It’s been such a busy weekend for them that they both were ready for bed about an hour before their normal bedtime.  I’d say it’s a safe bet that they won’t be getting up in the middle of the night.  Yippeee!!

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