Thursday Thirteen – If I Won The Lottery

I saw the idea for a Thursday Thirteen on Maine Biker Chick’s website last week and thought I’d give it a try.  
My topic for this week is what would I do with $100 million?  The Ohio Lottery is up over $100 million dollars.  Yes, I’m going to buy a ticket today when I go to the bank at lunch.  It will be a $5.00 Auto Lotto ticket – which means that I’m going to take my chances and let the lottery computer pick my lucky numbers for me.  If, by chance, I happen to actually WIN the lottery, here’s the first 13 things I’d do with the money . . . .
1.      Take the lump sum payment.  It’s my money and I want it now.  Yes, I know that I’m going to get less than the $100 million, but at least it will be in my hands and not in the hands of the Ohio Lottery Commission.
2.      Pay off all the bills
3.      Yes, I’m going to keep working (at least for a while), but I’m pretty sure that Hubby would quit his job. . . . 
4.      Give money to my Church.
5.      Set aside money to help my folks and my MIL
6.      Set up a trust fund for the grandkids
7.      Find someone to re-do the interior of Hubby’s 1955 Chevy Bel Air 
8.      Vegas, baby
9.      Then Hawaii
10.  Buy a RV so that Hubby and I can take the dogs with us when we go traveling.
11.  Take a year and go to every race on the NHRA circuit.  Hubby would LOVE this!
12.  Buy a vacation home near a lake so that Hubby can fish whenever he wants and have his boat nearby. 
13.  Totally remodel the house ala This Old House – hire an architect, general contractor, interior decorator, landscape architect . . . the works!   
Like the commercial says, you can’t win of you don’t play.  And if you’re gonna play, you might as well dream about winning!

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