Ahh, Bliss

Today has been perfect.  Didn’t have anything on the agenda . . . and that’s exactly how the day played out.  Luci was ready to get up for the day at 7:30.  I would have liked to sleep in a little more, but there’s no way Luci was going to let that happen.  And as soon as I said the word "breakfast" Blacky was up, too.   As soon as the doggies ate breakfast, Blacky went back to bed and Luci went outside.  I went with her and there I was in the back yard, in my jammies, at 8 a.m. playing fetch with Luci.  Thank heavens none of the neighbors were up and about to see me.  
After I tuckered out Luci playing fetch, I went inside to read my paper and drink my tea.  Took my shower and washed my hair, got dressed, watched Regis and Kelly.  Hubby got up at 10 a.m. (I sent Luci to wake him up) and we ate French toast and watched Dr. Phil.  My guilty pleasure on a day off from work is watching Dr. Phil and The Young and The Restless.  Didn’t get to watch my soap because of some silly tennis tournament, but by heck I got to watch a new episode of Dr. Phil.  
Helped Hubby with some yard work.  The yard is Hubby’s domain and he doesn’t let me work any of the power tools.  Which is fine with me because I had enough of running a lawn mower when I was a kid living at home.  My dad was a firm believer in equal rights and he believed that if us girls could drive a car, we could push a mower.  So today my job was to rake the cuttings from the bushes that Hubby trimmed and to pull the weeds that were growing through the lattice on the deck.  Oh, yea, and I had to do potty patrol for doggie landmines and doggie toys before Hubby ran the mower. 
After that, more fetch with Luci and Blacky.  Then naptime!! Yea.  Another guilty pleasure on a day off is a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  My biggest concern was that Blacky would continue with the mean trick that he’s been playing with Luci the last couple of days.  Luci will get all settled for her nap, doze off for about 5 minutes, and then Blacky would bark like there’s somebody coming to the front door just to wake her up.  Luci would get up to see what he’s barking at and then be up for a while before she settled down again for her nap.  In the meantime, Blacky’s napping in the corner.  He did this several times yesterday and she never did get her nap.  Talk about a tired puppy at the end of the day.  Luckily, there wasn’t a repeat of that today. 
Hubby had to bowl tonight so it was an early supper of hot dogs on the grill.  Then it was time to walk Luci.  The final task for the day is sit on the couch and channel surf and work on my cross stitch.   Life is good. 
All in all, it’s been a good weekend.  The weather was pretty good.  Cloudy and a little cool in the morning, but the sun would come out in the afternoon.  Turned off the AC Saturday morning, probably for the season.  Not really warm enough for shorts or a pool party for Blacky and Luci, but it was warm enough today to go barefoot while I was cooking hot dogs on the grill.  
I think I’m ready for fall now . . .      

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  1. Beth

    Hot dogs on the grill, now that really sounds good!

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