Luci’s Big Day

Today is Luci’s first birthday.  I can hardly believe that it’s here already.  I know that it’s a cliche but the time has just flown by.  I can’t believe how fast she’s grown.  I can’t believe how much she’s changed.  I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks that she’s actually starting to settle down a little bit.  She’s responding to the "come when called" command.  She’s sleeping through the night – if she gets enough exercise.  She’s not constantly tormenting Blacky and they are getting along a little better.  Because she’s a tad smaller than Blacky, she still seems like a puppy to me. 
I had lots of fun yesterday shopping for her presents.  Yes, I waited until the last minute.  I waited because I knew that if I went shopping too early, I’d end up giving her the presents early and she wouldn’t have anything special for her big day.  She’s shredded all the stuffed toys that I’ve ever bought for her, so I got her strong chewy toys.  A Kong, a Nylabone Galileo bone, and a football shaped chewing toy that you can put dog bones in.  Blacky got a Kong of his own, but he’s been fighting with Luci for the Nylabone chew.  I always buy at least one toy for the dog that’s not having a birthday so that they don’t feel left out, but no matter what I buy they always fight over something.  It hasn’t been too bad.  They are taking turns with it now.  Hopefully they can work something out so I don’t have to buy a second one to keep peace in the house.  Would you believe that they now have Beanie Babies for dogs.  Cute little stuffed toys for doggies.  I was tempted, because all little girls should get a stuffed toy for their birthday, but I knew that Luci would destroy it within seconds after I gave it to her.  She has destroyed every stuffed toy that she owns, so I knew that it would a waste of money to buy her a Beanie Baby.  
So far the day has been good.  I sang "Happy Birthday" to Luci when we got up this morning.  I know that she has no idea what that was about, but it was fun to see her and Blacky prancing around me this morning while I was singing.  Hubby got up a little later and we got out the presents.  Since he’s the oldest and has been around for a few birthdays, Blacky knew what was going on when I went upstairs to get the shopping bag.  Luci was prancing because Blacky was prancing.  They were happy to see the presents and were a little sad when I stopped pulling toys out of the shopping bag.  They’ve been playing with all the different toys all day.  That was great because that kept them busy while I cleaned the house.  We’ve been outside to play fetch and I think it’s about naptime.  Blacky’s here asleep by my feet and Luci’s wandering around the living room looking for a comfortable place to sleep. 
The only thing left to do for Luci’s special day is I have to run to Kroger’s to get some Frosty Paws for Luci and Blacky’s after dinner treat.  I’m still trying to get her to sit still long enough to get a birthday picture of her.  I did manage to get one of her sitting next to Blacky a little while ago, but she wasn’t able to sit still long enough and her part of the picture is a blur.  I’m going to try again later . . . .
That’s an accurate description of the last year . . . a big blur.  Thank you, Luci, for making our lives so interesting.  Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girl puppy. 

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