World Trade Center

I went to see the movie "World Trade Center" on Sunday.  Normally, I don’t like Oliver Stone movies, because he tends to make his movies with a political statement or has some sort of conspiracy theory attached to it.  I couldn’t imagine what kind of treatment he would give the subject of 9/11.  When I heard that the guys that were actually trapped worked as advisors on the film and that some of the rescuers were extras in the film, I thought that it couldn’t be all bad.  They weren’t going to let Oliver Stone mess with their stories.  The movie got all kinds of positive reviews . . . including one from the local paper which doesn’t normally like anything.  Soooo, I went to see the movie.  It was well done.  It was even handed.  There were no conspiracy theories.  There was no political agenda.  There weren’t even any shots of the planes hitting the towers.  There was just one shot of a shadow of a plane on a building as it passed by and then a shot of a command room that shook a little when the second plane hit.  It just told the story of those two officers and their families.  At times, the movie seemed to move a little slow but then I realized how slow that day must have moved for those two officers.  For those two families.  I remembered how slow that day moved for me.  Even though I knew the movie had a happy ending, I was on the edge of my seat every time they showed the trapped officers.  I cried at the end when they finally got the officers out.  It was a good movie.  I’m glad that I saw it. 
Hollywood needs to make movies about 9/11.  We need to see movies about 9/11.  We can’t ever forget what happened that day.  There are stories out there that need to be told.  There are stories out there that we need to hear.  It’s time for those stories to be told, to be heard.  If for no other reason than to remind us of the horror of that day.  To remind us that we can’t ever let our guard down. No matter what, they aren’t ever going to stop coming after us.  Ever.  The terror plot that was discovered in London last week was proof of that.  And it wasn’t even an original plot – they dusted off an old idea and tried it again. 
It’s a hard movie to sit through.  There were feelings and memories of that day that I had forgotten about until I saw the movie.  I didn’t personally know anybody that was killed that day and I can’t imagine how hard it must be for someone who lost a friend or family member that day to see this movie.  But if you have the slightest interest in seeing World Trade Center, I highly recommend that you go.  I think that everyone should go see it.  At least once.


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2 responses to “World Trade Center

  1. Beth

    I could not bear to see that movie.  The 911 calls that they have been releasing on TV are very upsetting to me.

  2. Chris

    Great review, Pam!

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