That Was Fun

I want to thank everyone who left kind comments and everyone who had us in their thoughts and prayers over the weekend.  The worst is over and Hubby, Blacky, Luci, and I are adjusting to the new family dynamic.  I just hope that we can keep Luci from discovering Smokie’s final resting place. 
Now for a completely different topic . . .
Hubby and I sat on the couch yesterday afternoon and channel surfed on the new TV.  You are not going to believe the silly things we watched.  Okay, now remember we are still a little grief stricken and that might have something to do with our taste of TV shows.    
We watched a couple of episodes of "Hee Haw".  I have no idea how Hubby found them but I’m glad that he did.  I remember watching "Hee Haw" with my dad on Saturday evenings.  The show was just as silly and just as funny as it was years ago.  The "man, I’m old" moment came when the "new up and coming country singer" was announced.  Get this . . . it was Garth Brooks!  Over the years, my love of Garth Brooks has cooled for lots of reasons that I won’t get into here, but when he first hit the scene I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  (This was before I discovered Marty Stuart!)  It was very interesting to see Garth before he got all famous.  It was just him and his band singing "The Dance".  Another episode that we watched had Reba McIntire . . . back when Reba had the big hair thing going on.  Wow . . .
The next stop on Hubby’s channel surfing adventure landed us smack in the middle of a Three Stooges marathon.  I don’t even know what channel it was since Hubby flipped through so many yesterday afternoon.  Original black and white Three Stooges shorts (or whatever they’re called).  I don’t think I was a big Stooges fan when I was a kid, but I do have a sick and twisted sense of humor and love physical comedy.  The Stooges were just what the doctor ordered for me yesterday.  I laughed so hard I thought I was going to stop breathing.  I finally had to leave the room so I could catch my breath.  You could see the gags coming from a mile away, but that didn’t stop them from being funny. 
Last stop was "We Are The 80’s" on VH-1.  After watching the MTV Day 1 coverage the other day, it was nice to see more of the older videos that I remembered from the early days of MTV.  And not just the obscure "one hit wonders" either.  These were bona fide hits that I actually remembered.  Darryl Hall & John Oates, Stray Cats, Phil Collins, REM.  Even more "man, I’m old" moments. 
But it was fun.  It was relaxing.  It was just what we needed.  I’ll have to remember those channels . . . you never know when I might need them again.   


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2 responses to “That Was Fun

  1. Beth

    I remember watching Hee Haw when my children were small.  I couldn\’t stand watching Buck Owens but I loved listening to him sing.  Reba is my least favorite singer in any category.   I remember when she first started out how she thanked her husband for everything.  It didn\’t take her long to ditch him and move on to someone else.  I always thought she was a Tammy wannabe.

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