Not So Perfect

Today is my last Friday off.  I’ve really enjoyed having Friday’s off and have been looking forward to this all week.  Today has not gone as nicely as my other Fridays off and I’m disappointed.  
First, the weather.  I realize that it’s July in Ohio and it’s going to be hot.  Typically the last week of July is one of the hottest weeks in Ohio.  Part of the price you pay for the hot weather are isolated pop-up showers/thunderstorms.  This week has certainly had it’s share of hot weather and pop-up showers.  Today it’s only about 75 degrees, but the humidity makes it closer to 80-something.  It’s just yucky outside.  And we’re having all sorts of pop-up showers.  I just came in from taking out the trash.  I walked all of 30 feet.  It was sprinkling when I stepped out the back door.  It was a downpour by the time I got to the trash can.  Luci and I ran back into the house and by the time I got Luci’s feet dried off and both of us in the house, the rain had stopped.  It’s been doing this all day.  And each time it stops raining, the humidity increases.  I can’t sit on the deck because it’s too wet.  I can’t get out the pool and the sprinkler because it’s either raining or going to rain.  
Second, the TV in the living room died today.  That means that I can’t take advantage of the rainy weather and sit on the couch and watch girley movies or trash TV with the doggies.  I had to go out this morning and buy a new TV.  The TV that just died is a 25 inch Magnavox floor model.  Yes, you read that right – a floor model TV.  It’s 21 years old.  I bought it in 1985.  It was the first big purchase I made when I graduated from college.  It’s in a beautiful wood cabinet.  Looks as new as the day I bought it.  So I spent part of my day off looking for a new TV.  I bought the TV and brought it home, but it’s too heavy for me to unload by myself.  I have to wait for Hubby to get home with the 2 wheel dolly so we can get it in the house.  And since they don’t make floor model TVs anymore, I also had to buy an entertainment center to put the TV on.  I picked it out but I didn’t buy it because it’s very heavy and I need Hubby’s help to load it into the car and then lug it into the house.  We’re going to pick it up tonight.  Hopefully, we will have the entertainment center and the TV hooked up very soon. 
We’re not totally without a TV.  We have  the 13 inch TV in the kitchen.  But it’s not the same curling up at the kitchen table to watch trash TV.  I can’t watch my girley movie DVDs because we don’t have a DVD player in the kitchen.  Since it’s storming, Blacky wants to be where I am (and Luci follows Blacky everywhere), so there’s me and my two big dogs in my kitchen. 
So this last weekend in July isn’t off to the greatest start.  If I have any luck at all, today will be the "bad" day of the weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed. 


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2 responses to “Not So Perfect

  1. Beth

    Wishing you well!  Good luck with the new TV and putting your entertainment center together.  I remember when we bought ours we spent a whole day on it.
    Hi to Luci and Blacky.

  2. barnyardmama

    Well, crap–rain and no tv–maybe a book would have been best.  I love a summer shower, but I know they\’re not for everybody.

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