We’re Having A Heat Wave

I don’t understand why some people consider cool air during a heat wave a luxury.  If you have AC (either central air or window units), why not use it?  And if you are going to use the AC, use it and stop complaining about how much the electric bill is going to be next month.  If you aren’t going to use the AC, then don’t complain about not being able to sleep at night because the house is too hot.  The thing that I really don’t understand is the part-time AC users.  The people that turn the AC on when they are home and then turn it off when they go to work for the day.  If it’s 90 degrees during the day and the AC isn’t on, of course it’s going to take a while for the house to cool down to a livable temperature. 


I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life.  I’m used to hot weather.  I grew up in a house that didn’t have central air or window air units.  Personally, I prefer fans and open windows to central air.  But I live with Hubby and the doggies, so we turn the AC on in mind-June and it stays on until fall.  Even though I don’t like the AC and am usually cold because I think the AC is set to low, I understand that I’m not the only one in the house that needs to be comfortable and the AC is a necessary thing during the summer.  Like when it’s 90 degrees for three (or more) days in a row with humidity so high it feels like it’s a closer to 100 degrees outside.  Which is the kind of weather we’ve been having here in Ohio this week.


My MIL is one of those people that doesn’t use the AC unless she absolutely has to and then only long enough to cool off the room.  She got a new furnace with central air two years ago and she rarely uses the AC.  I went over there this past weekend and the temperature in the house was over 80 degrees.  She lives alone with her little dog and the poor little dog was panting like crazy.  I asked her why she didn’t have the AC on and she told me she thought the temperature in the house was fine.  I had her turn the AC on because I couldn’t stay in the house because it was too hot (which is saying A LOT!) and that if she wasn’t careful she and the little dog were both going to get heat stroke.  She did finally admit that she thought the AC wasn’t working properly and that she was going to call the repairman.  Of course it’s going to be a day or two before the guy can fix the AC, but that’s to be expected during a heat wave. 


She complains that using the AC will raise her electric bill, but I’ve tried to explain to her, and Hubby has tried to explain to her, that she’s on a budget plan with the electric company and her bill isn’t going to increase if she uses the AC.  We’ve also tried to explain to her that she’s making the AC unit work harder by turning it on and off every few days.  She’s not buying either of those arguments.  We’ve even explained how dangerous it can be for her and the little dog to deal with the extreme heat.  She tells us that they are fine and we should stop worrying about them. 


Can someone explain this to me?  Aaaarrrggghhh!! 



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8 responses to “We’re Having A Heat Wave

  1. Jaime Campbell

    I love AC!  I can\’t imagine this heat without it.

  2. Suzalita

    I love my central air – I never had AC growing up or in the first few years of my marriage – but when we build our house we had it put in and I really have to say "I LOVE IT"…..be cool!

  3. Brenda

    I won\’t make negative comments about MIL\’s… I won\’t… I won\’t…  Ok, that\’s just plain difficult for me.  Ok back to the discussion at hand: AC is meant for use if you have it, I agree.  (But sometimes you\’re forced to choose your battles, and ones with MIL\’s are not worth it.)

  4. barnyardmama

    I don\’t understand it.  I had a friend who only ran the AC when she was home and it wold be 103 outside.  It was ALWAYS hot at her house.  I don\’t consider AC a luxury if you can afford to pay the bill.  SKip dinner out and don\’t roast yourself like a turkey.

  5. Big Dog Mom

    Brenda – I know that this is a battle that I\’m not going to win with MIL.  There are lots of battles with her that I\’ll never win, but that\’s just the way she is.  Fiercely independent.  Love her to pieces and admire her for her strength, but I seriously do not understand why she insists on making life harder for herself than it needs to be. 

  6. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    Nope… I\’m the air conditioner user.  My husband is one of those as well who would just suffer through it but not as long as he is living with me…..I use the swamp cooler, the window units and fans all day long so the house is cool when we get home otherwise it would never cool off enough to be comfortable.

  7. Alicia

    Sometimes they seem to think they are invincible…but it sounds like you talked her out of that!!  🙂

  8. Beth

    We turn on the AC mid May and leave it on through most of September.  That is one thing I want in my old age, to be comfortable.

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