Weekend Update

Hubby got up early on Sunday morning and went fishing with his best buddy.  They left at 5:30 and didn’t get back until almost 1 p.m.  Yes, I got up with Hubby – but that was mainly because the dogs got excited when they heard the alarm and knew it was time for breakfast.  After Hubby left at 5:30, I managed to get the doggies to go back to sleep and I got another two hours of sleep.  I woke up to the sound of Luci chewing on something and was instantly panicked.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was just chewing on her toenails.  Whew!  For a minute there, I thought that she was destroying the leg of the coffee table. 


I read the paper, ate a bagel (that I had to share with the dogs), cleaned the house a little bit . . . mainly did a bunch of nothing at my own pace.  It was wonderful.   


MIL and I took the grandkids to see the movie "Cars" yesterday.  I love all Pixar movies, so I was excited when MIL suggested taking the kids to see it.  However, the grandkids are 13 and 11, so I was a little concerned that they might not like the movie, but they had a great time.  It was a cute movie.  Like every other Pixar movie, I spend most of my time trying to figure out the voice of each character.  I was really surprised (excited!) to see that Dale Jr.’s voice had a cameo role . . . even in his #8 car.  I highly recommend it to anyone who has children or is a child at heart.  Oh, yea, you have to wait and see ALL the credits.  The outtakes and the special tribute at the end are just as fun to watch as the movie.  Yes, I rooted for the good guy and booh-ed  the bad guy. 


I had planned to make a special meal for the grandkids after the movie.  All the grandma comfort food that they like.  (I would have invited the MIL, but she has this thing about eating food that wasn’t cooked by her.  I’ve invited her before and she’ll come, but she never eats anything.  Yes, it’s very passive aggressive – and a blog all of it’s very own!)  But it was too hot and my plans for meatloaf quickly changed to burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  I don’t think the kids minded the change, but I did promise them we’d have a big family meal before they go back home at the end of the summer.  The thing I love best about having the kids for supper is that there are no leftovers. 


Having the grandkids for a few hours yesterday was a nice way to end my three day weekend. 


This three day weekend thing is great.  I might have to think about doing this again next summer. 


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  1. Beth

    I have seen the trailer for that movie and I think I would like it too.  Glad you enjoyed time spent with the grandkids.

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