I’m Melting

I love summer.  I love the hot weather.  I love the sunshine.  I love being able to sit on the deck and get roasted and toasted.  I love playing in the pool and the sprinkler with the dogs.  I love watching lightning bugs.  I love food cooked on the grill. 
I don’t love humidity.  
The humidity is so bad that the temps are in the high 80’s, but the heat index is close to 100.  Humidity makes my naturally straight hair even more naturally straight.  It won’t hold a curl for anything.  So I don’t even bother to style it.  I just pin it up off my neck.  Humidity also triggers my migraines.  Bad migraines.  So instead of sitting on the deck reading a book and drinking iced tea, I’m in the house reading a book and drinking iced tea. 
It’s going to be this way for at least the next 5 days.  
But I’m still enjoying my three day weekend.  I finally figured out a way to get both Blacky and Luci to share the pool and the sprinkler.  The last time Blacky got in the pool, Luci did a cannonball on him and he decided that she could have the pool.  He was going back in the house for the AC.  Today I filled the pool and Luci took over.  Blacky was interested, but since Luci was hogging the pool, he didn’t want any part of it and waited for me to let him in the house.  Once the pool had enough water to keep Luci splashing away, I got out the new sprinkler and turned it on for Blacky.  That got his attention and he played in the sprinkler for a while.  When Luci decided she wanted to play in the sprinkler, Blacky got in the pool.  They traded off like that for quite a while.  I’m still patting myself on the back for that brilliant idea. 
I have to be careful about letting Luci play out in this heat.  I tried putting a water dish out on the deck for her, but she thinks it is a miniature pool, splashes all the water out of the dish and then starts chewing on the dish.  So much for that idea.  Thankfully, Blacky has taught Luci the wonderful world of AC . . . she’ll come in every 20 minutes or so and lay in front of her favorite register and soak up the cool air.  It’s funny to walk through the house and see the big dogs laying next to their favorite register. 
I’m going to get the grandkids tomorrow and MIL and I are going to take them to the movies.  It’s a present from MIL to the grandkids – a combined birthday celebration.  KL’s and KR’s birthday was last Monday and MR’s birthday is in a couple of weeks.  Since they live so far away, this is the first time that MIL has had a chance to do something like this for their birthdays.  I’m really having a good time having the grandkids around for the summer.  
I just realized that I’ve been on the computer for a while and the dogs have been napping.  I better get up and get them moving or Miss Luci isn’t going to sleep through the night!


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6 responses to “I’m Melting

  1. Elizabeth Larene

    Hi, found your comment on Jaime\’s space and saw that you were using a Yahoo Avatar for your profile picture. Like the avator and like your space.

  2. Brenda

    Sometimes I wish I could just lay on my favorite register when it gets hot and humid.  For some reason, that\’s just not allowed here in my house. 🙂
    Hope you have fun at the movies!  (Review?)

  3. Beth

    I hate the heat and humidity.  It takes all of my energy to do the most simple things.

  4. Siobhan

    Can\’t stand the humidity myself. Glad there\’s none of that here in the desert! 
    Now that I\’ve closed my Space, you can still contact me.  Just fill in the screen that appears when you click to access my Space, fill it out, and it\’ll send me notification.  Thanks!

  5. Nikki

    My cat does the same thing too.  When its hot, he\’ll just park his butt in front of the AC and not even his fav toy will move him.  And if I switch the AC off…he\’ll just meow the whole time till I switch it on again.  Spoiled cat. 

  6. Grandma

    I hope Blacky and Luci are keeping cool. I think they need lots of ice cream and popcicles!
    Big Wags,

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