Weather Watching

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had some really strange weather here in Ohio.  It rained a little during the 4th of July holiday and then we got some of the most beautiful summer weather.  Highs in the upper 70’s, low humidity, sunny and light breezes.  The kind of weather you wish would stay all summer long.  But you know it won’t.  The first of this week, the weather turned a little more normal for Ohio in July.  Humidity building, a little warmer each day.  Still lots of sun, but not as many breezes.  Then the pop-up storms happened. 


On the way home from work yesterday, it just looked weird to me.  Kind of overcast, but not in a severe thunderstorm kind of way.  Just overcast enough to make me dread the evening walk with Luci.  I just knew that I was going to get wet.  And I knew that Blacky was going to spend the night attached to either me or Hubby.  When I got home, I let the dogs out to go potty and started on my evening routine (starting laundry, starting supper).  I watched the weather during the local news and they were talking about isolated showers, nothing serious.  It finally started to rain as Hubby and I sat down to dinner.  I hoped that it would stop, or at least slow down, by the time I had finished the dishes and was ready to take Luci for her evening stroll.  


That’s when things started to get really weird.  The sky turned a funny color – not really sunny, but not really overcast.  When you grow up in Ohio, you know what that color means.  It means that you better stick close to the house because there’s gonna be a tornado warning.  I decided against taking Luci for a walk and we went to play fetch in the back yard.  There still weren’t any scary looking clouds, just that weird color.  After a few tosses, I decided to go in and check the weather reports.  Sure enough, about 8:30 last night, the tornado warnings started.  They weren’t anywhere near us, but the storms were moving and I wanted to make sure we weren’t in the path of anything. 


So my evening consisted of Blacky panting and pacing because he knew a storm was coming; Luci whining and barking because she didn’t understand why we weren’t going for our evening walk, and Hubby complaining that the stupid news channels wouldn’t shut up about the storms.  And me being upset because I missed the last half hour of Big Brother, I was tired of hearing the same weather reports over and over, and I just knew that since Luci didn’t get her walk, she was going to get me up in the middle of the night.  (BTW, she did get me up at 2:30 a.m. to go potty and play a little bit.  That proved my point to Hubby that she gets up because she’s bored, not because she has to go out.)


We didn’t have any tornados or any really severe weather by our house.  Today we are blessed with more scattered rain showers along with the heat and humidity that comes with being in Ohio in July.  Excuse me while go surf the Big Brother website to see what happened during the last half hour. 



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6 responses to “Weather Watching

  1. Beth

    I am glad you didn\’t have any bad storms.  I hate thunderstorms.

  2. Brenda

    So far, so good here in our section of "Tornado Alley."  Kids and pets seem to have the biggest fears when it comes to storms, don\’t they?  (What am I talking about?  I\’M the big wuss hiding under the table!!)

  3. Ginger

    Don\’t you just hate when the weather forecasters interrupt something you\’ve been looking forward to alll week long?     We have a CBS station here too that does that…. it\’s annoying!    However, Glad you, hubby and the dogs are all fine.    We\’ve had the same kind of weather, but luckily no tornado  warnings here.  

  4. Andrea

    I am glad you missed the storms.  I know how your hubby felt.  I am A Survivor Nut.  And it never fails if it is Thursday it is storming in our area.  And I am stuck watching it Saturday at 1:00 am.  I ma just glad they run reruns of ER.  I have also watched ever episode since the 1st 2hr premier.  Thursday is the only day I get control of the TV.
    Thank you so much for your comment.  It is nice to know the will grow out of this. 

  5. Nikki

    Glad that everything is alright.  Poor Luci didn\’t get her walk….same as my cat.  If I don\’t play with him in the evenings, he\’ll be up at 3am howling at the moon or something. 

  6. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    I live in an area that does not see tornadoes but by some freak act of nature a few years ago we had one that ripped through the city and i will never forget the greenish tint of color in the sky….  Even just one experience has put me on alert anytime a storm rolls in and the sky turns a hue of green…..a very unsettling feeling.
    My puppy gets me up too but usually around 4:30 and after I let her out to potty I have to put her by my side on the bed and hold her down until she gets the point that it\’s not time to play and bite my nose and chew my hair.

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